Poor Planning

But I'll blame it on emergencies.

I took Tuesday, which is my normal kickboxing cardio day, off from all activities.  Because I need a day during the week in which I come directly home or have the option to run by a couple stores or whatever.  The point is that it's a day that I'm not frazzled and stressed about getting from Point A to Point B to Point C and then maybe home, if I'm lucky.

So I went home and worked on a little art project (tutorial below), grilled out with my husband, ate some icecream, bit into some Starburst candy corn and promptly cracked a molar.

I called my dentist on my way in to work and the only time they could fit me in was 10:30 yesterday morning.  My boss okay'd it and I told him that if I had injections, I wouldn't be coming back.

I'm smiling.  Promise.

Needless to say, two injections and two hours spent napping.  Even if I take ibuprofen prior, I get a raging headache from those jaw injections.  I don't know if it's because needles are going where needles aren't meant to go or if it's a reaction to the Novacaine.  It's a bitch.  My jaw is still tender.

So instead of riding my pony again last night, as was my initial plan before porcelain fell out of my face, I spent the evening on the couch folding laundry, updating Two Black Dogs, and straightening up the kitchen.  We're having our first dinner guests this weekend and I want this to be a good experience.

Freezer Paper Camp Crafts

Because this is totally something I would have done at camp.  And it sorta looks like I did it at camp.  Or maybe like an eight year old did it at camp and sent it to me as a birthday gift.  Because my birthday is in EXACTLY A MONTH.

Wax paper doesn't work for this, FYI.  Only freezer.


Fancy-ass aluminum shoe.

Iron, shiny-side down.

Realize you're a fucking idiot...

And angrily rip off the old one and reattach the inverse.

Fill with paint.

Make your design!

Forget to take a finish-product photo and instead photograph your dog rolling in the grass.

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  1. Replies
    1. OH MY GOD my boyfriend says that all the time in this atrocious hick voice. He has a laugh that goes with it and I hate it so much I legitimately punch him every time he does it.

      (He, of course, finds this funny and does it anyway.)

    2. Julie, your boyfriend (WHEN IS HE GOING TO BECOME MORE?) and I would get along. :)

      Hillary, they sure are!

  2. LOL at Savannah rolling in the grass! She looks absolutely ecstatic!

    You need to post a pic of the finished project later though. I wanna see! :)

    1. As much as she tries to escape the yard, she really, really appreciates it. She loves to play catch and she loves to just lay in the grass, watching things. I'm so happy to finally be able to provide her with a yard of her own.

      And I posted a finished photo!