Prancey Pants.

I tried to oompf my metabolism yesterday and ate a bunch of healthy snacks between meals.  Baby carrots and fruit.  By the time that I was driving out to the barn, I was ravenous and weak in the knees.  Woo.

Archie was supposed to have had his feet done on Wednesday but instead they were done yesterday.  I'm glad I didn't drive out on Wednesday, because I would have been pissed.  The Subie is known for guzzling gasoline.  (Side note:  I'm in the process of trying to find a car.  Woo!  Downer:  I'm super fucking picky and I want it to be either blue or black, preferably a Ford Fiesta, manual, a hatchback, have fewer than 40k miles and I'd shit bricks if it had a sunroof.)

The wind was blowing, the weather had been shit all day, and Archie was giving me major hairy eyeballs.  I guess the temperature had dropped about twenty degrees in the past two weeks or so.  Yeah, so the Kid was acting more like the horse I know:  spooky and crazy and questioning.

I was still able to get contact at the walk and the trot.  The canter was a little weird because he felt like a tightly coiled spring below me.  The transition to the right lead had one of those massive, angry strides that he used to do at the old barn.  I had thought that it was because I was running him into the change, but last night there was no running into it.  I felt him tighten up, trotted him out, felt him loosen, maintained contact and sat while squeezing with that outside calf.  He exploded up and out and I just praised him for picking up the correct lead and had him canter out a lap.  The mind boggles.

A coworker sent me a link yesterday to a news article about an outbreak of EEE in my county.  Actually, in the county I live in, but my horse lives in a different one.  And can you call it an outbreak if there was only one horse?  Anyways, a positive.  And the BO from my Old Barn called me three times, left two voicemails of gibberish (pocket dialing?) and a third saying that she saw that I called a couple times and to give her a call back.  Wha?  It's like when D's grandmother asks if we just tried to text her.

Tonight, I ride.  Husband drops the dogs off at boarding.  Tomorrow, we drive to Athens, drink our little asses off, and watch UGA slaughter LSU.  Come home by Sunday, rescue the pups, ride, work out, and recover.
Best way to end the day.

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