Twitch, Twitch.

I'm stressed.

And it's silly, right?

I'm stressed because my life is too full.

There's a trail in the city where I board Archie that I've been dying to go to.  So I waited until the husband got home and we loaded up the dogs and headed out.  I stopped by the barn first, to put on his fly mask and make sure his leg wasn't falling off.  It weren't.

BM stopped me to tell me that the farrier (same guy that I saw at the old barn) would be by on Wednesday to put the shoe back on.  Oh, and when would I have the money?

Er.  What money?  She then explained that if he tacked on one shoe, he would charge me.  Even though he's tacked on shoes before and never charged me.  So might as well do all his feet a week early.  Which just annoyed me, because then he'll have to go seven weeks next time between shoeings.  And in the back of my mind, I'm thinking about how T3 told me that her husband was a farrier and a journeyman and, you know, probably nicer.  I'm not good with abrupt changes, though.

It was dark and gross by the time we made it to the trail.  It was super dog friendly and there were a lot of dogs.  Unfortunately, husband immediately darted off and left me by my lonesome.  I was indescribably pissed to be left in the dust with my furry daughters, whom I adore, in the middle of an exquisite nature trail.  Silly, I know.

So, today, I've got to go get thank-you cards (because my parents are amazing, amazing) and money for the farrier on my lunch break.  And then a gym class after work (because if I don't go, I won't get reimbursed for this month).  Then a super secret shopping mission, in an effort to not be a shitty wife.  Finally, driving out to BFE to leave money for the farrier.  See?  Too full.  I was planning on another pot of bad-ass chili, but I won't get home until about 8 and I'd still have to go to the grocery store.  Oh, and have I mentioned the dying of my external hard drive?  My poor ancient laptop has been working nonstop for about 36 hours now uploading my 100 gig folder of photos to an online storage system on our economy cable internet.  Woo.  Which also means that the photos I took on Sunday haven't been uploaded, edited or shared.  Those kids will probably be adopted before their faces hit the website (not a bad thing!).

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