Birthday Weekend, Day Three

This seems never-ending, right? Yeah. Me too. 

D and I got up super early (again) on Friday and went to breakfast at the hotel before we hustled to a metro bus stop. Side note: Savannah has a lot of homeless. DC has significantly more. I wonder if some of this has to do with the natural resources. Our homeless actually get permits through the city and will make things, like roses from Palm fronds, and give those things to the tourists in exchange for donations. It's also been so wet and I feel miserable for these people. When I was in DC for the first time, it was through the non-profit at which I worked. They had means for assistance. I no longer do. 

I say this all because a fellow was curled up at the bus stop, sleeping on the ground, with just the tip of his head exposed. It stuck with me. 

We rode the bus to Union Station, where we hopped on the Marc train to Baltimore. 

The last time I rode a train was my senior year of high school, from Atlanta to New Orleans. 

We went straight to the aquarium after the hour-long system. I have to give mad props to the husband. He planned everything and we've not gotten lost once. We don't use public transit like this back home. I've never ridden the metro like this or trains or busses. I felt wordly just riding my shuttle for work. 

The aquarium was awesome. It had levels and amazing fish everywhere. I took hundreds of photos on my dSLR, so anticipate those. 

Flipper amputee. 

Her name is Cordelia and someone stands at her tank all day to make sure that no one uses flash photography. 

On the escalator up to another floor. I bought the pink pants the day before at TJ Maxx, because I am an awesome planner. And my camera now has a battery grip! Thanks, hubs!

After the aquarium, we walked around Inner Harbor until we got to Little Italy, where we had lunch. I'm pretty sure the dudes next to us were bookies and I got some nasty looks for taking photos. Birthday weekend, y'all. 

We walked our carb-bloated selves around for a little while longer before stopping at Phillip's for beer and crab cakes (for him). 

And back on the train to DC. 

We stopped off at Caribou Coffee to warm up before returning to the hotel room. Dinner was at Capital City Brewery. And I get that they brew their own stuff, but what a crappy selection. 

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  1. Pretty sure that Octopus is trying to molest you guys.

  2. What a great birthday trip! Yep I am still jealous that your hubby planned it all out!

    1. Dude, the man is a freaking genius and a saint and so self-sacrificing. And hot. He's really hot.