I didn't have anything to write about and, so, wasn't going to.

But then I got bitten.

By the show bug.

I mean, I adamantly told the last BO at the old barn that I had no interest in going to a schooling show with a bunch of snot nosed kids and wild ponies.  And I don't, not really.  IHSA showed me a magical place where "grown ups" rode.

But I'm not considering showing IHSA.

When the Eventer approached me about showing, I filed it away mentally.  And it just popped up with an angry vengeance.  I've shown my horse one time in exactly two cross-rail classes about seven years ago.  Or six.  But it was a long time ago.  I have absolutely no photos of the Kid dressed up for a show.  And we came in third.  ....Out of three.

And this is my conundrum.  I'm not cantering courses yet and I'm not really jumping any sort of measurable height.  So I wouldn't feel comfortable even doing the long/short stirrup 2" classes.  But cross-rails?  Yes.  We can do cross-rails.  We've done courses of cross-rails at a sloppy trot/canter.

Maybe this is what I need to boost my courage on my pony.  And if I freak out or he freaks out, the Eventer should be able to be that back up that I need, right?  Maybe?  Eek?

Show list:  (bold is what I'm considering, maybe) (or maybe just one of them???)
Class Schedule – 7:30 AM Start Time
1. Grooming and Showmanship
2. Model Hunter Horse/Pony
3. Open Schooling
4. Pleasure Horse/Pony
5. W/T/C Equitation
6. W/T/C Hunter
7. W/T/C Pleasure
8. Crossrails W/T/C Equitation Flat
10. Crossrails Hunter W/T/C U/S
9. Crossrails W/T/C Equitation O/F
11. Crossrails Hunter W/T/C O/F
12. Crossrails Hunter W/T/C O/F
13. Walk/Trot Equitation
14. Walk/Trot Hunter
15. Walk/Trot Pleasure
16. Walk/Trot Crossrails Eq. Flat
18. Walk/Trot Crossrails Hunter U/S
17. Walk/Trot Crossrails Eq. O/F
19. Walk/Trot Crossrails Hunter O/F
20. Walk/Trot Crossrails Hunter O/F
21. Leadline
22. Academy Walk Equitation (*trainer in ring)
23. Academy Walk Poles (*trainer in ring)
24. Academy Walk - Pattern (*trainer in ring)
25. Short/Long Stirrup Eq. Flat
27. Short/Long Stirrup Hunter U/S
26. Short/Long Stirrup Eq. 2’0
28. Short/Long Stirrup Hunter 2’0
29. Short/Long Stirrup Hunter 2’0
30. Dogwood Mini Medal 2’0
31. Pre-Green Hunter Horse/Pony U/S
32. Pre-Green Hunter Horse/Pony O/F 2’0, 2’3, 2’6
33. Pre-Green Hunter Horse/Pony O/F 2’0, 2’3, 2’6
34. Pre-Child/Adult Equitation Flat
36. Pre-Child/Adult Hunter U/S
35. Pre-Child/Adult Equitation O/F 2’6”
37. Pre-Child/Adult Hunter O/F 2’6”
38. Pre-Child/Adult Hunter O/F 2’6”
39. Dogwood Medal 2’6
40. Open Equitation O/F 2’3, 2’6, 2’9
42. Open Hunter O/F 2’3, 2’6, 2’9
43. Open Hunter O/F 2’3, 2’6, 2’9
41. Open Equitation Flat
44. Open Hunter U/S
45. $500 Dogwood Hunter Derby 2’6” – 2’9”
101. Open Puddle Jumper: 0.7 – 0.8m II.2.b
102. Open Puddle Jumper: 0.7 – 0.8m II.2.c
103. Open Hopeful Jumper: 0.85m – 0.95m II.2.c
104. Open Hopeful Jumper: 0.85m – 0.95m II.2.b
105. Open Low Jumper 0.95 m-1.0 m II.2.b
106. Open Low Jumper 0.95 m-1.0 m II.2.c
46. Barn Choice – Fun Class (ex. Egg & Spoon, Ribbon Race, etc,) $5 entry fee, winner takes all

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  1. Go!!! Take a ton of pictures, smile and have fun :) You may win a ribbon or you may not, but you will feel like a million bucks getting "back out there" again with your gorgeous boy. Also, add the showmanship and the halter class. It will get you in the ring and get some nerves out without you actually riding, and it's super fun to play dress up :)

  2. Do it! Do it!
    (on a side note, American show programs are so foreign to me that it's like they're in another language. Short/long stirrup hunter - is that when you're allowed to jump in a dressage saddle or something?? Equitation O/F? Open schooling?? Puddle jumping sounds heaps of fun for some reason.)

  3. I totally think you should do it! I know I'm a better rider when I'm showing because I have something to aim for (otherwise I will just putz around and not work as hard).