Bummers everywhere.

I texted T3 last night on my way out to the barn.  I hadn't heard from her and she normally texts me a few days in advance to verify.  Her text back made me all sad-faced because she said that she had thrown out her back and would have to reschedule.  I always want to offer my husband up on a pedestal to people with spinal and neck injuries.  It's his job, right?  But, for whatever reason, he doesn't like me doing that.  :)

So I started thinking, Damn, I do not want to take a lesson from T3 the day after a tattoo.  Oh, did I mention this?  I've got a two-hour block scheduled with my tattoo artist next Tuesday.  I'll post pictures.  :)  T3 always comes to the barn on Wednesdays, so yeah.  My plan had been to spend Wednesday bathing and grooming Ponykins in preparation for the show.  And cleaning tack.  Normally, I'd suck it up and just ride with a fresh tattoo.  But I'm planning to get ink in three places.  Ouch.

I talked to BM for a little bit about the show and bought a barn shirt from her.  It's my favorite color.  While I'm grooming the Archer, the Eventer comes in.  She quickly tells me that the clinic that she thought was going to be canceled was actually canceled.  But that the clinician contacted her on facebook and invited her to come up to her barn in Aiken instead.  So now my show is canceled, too.

With respect to the Eventer, I knew the clinic was the higher priority for her.  She did invite me to audit it or even bring Archie, since there would be available spots.  I just can't fathom trailering my 16 year old arthritic TB three plus hours to take a dressage lesson with a trainer I don't know and then trailering back and going to work the next day.  Google Maps says that it's two and a half hours, but I think it's a liar.  Augusta is two and a half hours and Aiken is 45 minutes outside of Augusta, by car.  Also, money.

Our ride went pretty well.  It was short because I was cold and the light was fading.  He gave me grief cantering on the right lead, until I put on my big-girl britches and stopped letting him break.  I've taken a half day today, so I plan on getting a beer, paying for my car registration and riding my pony.  I want to set up a little course.  I also did my third set of two-point, for the burn!

Um, nearly a minute improvement.  The back's screams were lessened when I tightened my abs, but who really wants to work?

First birthday gift from the hubs:  iPod Nano!
To console myself, like I really needed consoling after being presented with a gift, I bought myself something pretty.  I'm not even sure it'll fit.  We still have tentative plans to show in November, so I might actually even use it!
I wanted it because I've only ever had navy.  And the panels are blue!

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  1. That is a lot of bummers, I'm sorry :(

  2. I tried to buy myself a bday present... hubby asked how much it would to keep this present alive- buzz kill!

    Happy early birthday!! :)

    Hope you guys can get out to a show soon and show off that coat!