Field and Fullness.

On Friday, I rode.  And my thigh throbbed.  And it was hot.  But I rode.

I kept it flat because I hadn't ridden much lately and I was directed to only jump three times a week, so I have to make sure that the percentage is equitable.  I don't want to overwork Ponykins.  (Is that even possible?)  But he was brilliant.  He's caught on to what it is that I want and works very hard to give it to me.  The only issue we're having is picking up the correct lead.  I still think that's a me thing, though.  I'm not asking consistently or I'm screwing something up.  He just wants to please me.

We did a lot of cutting across the ring.  There are dressage markers set up, but I don't know a damn thing about them.  I just used them as placeholders for my serpentines - which was a new exercise for the Archer.  Why, yes, you can maintain contact and a working trot while turning.  Good boy.

I did more two-point. It's started aching in my feet, which tells me that I'm not using my calves nearly enough.   I guess part of that goes back to T3 adjusting the whole position of my calf/ankle and those little muscles having to shift their memories.  Or something.  Maybe I'm just weak!

Saturday.  Ran errands, worked out, ate Mexican, drank a lot of beer.  I took an afternoon nap and woke up to a storm, so the pony unintentionally had the day off. I had wild dreams nightmares about sharks and being a server again and losing all my customers.  It make come as no surprise, but I do not have the nature necessary to be a successful server.  Worst year of my life. (Total lie.  I'm not that petty to be ruined by employment.)

On Sunday, I drank pumpkin spice coffee.  I ate an egg and cheese bagel.  We meandered our way to the gym, to lunch, and to photograph a million animals (not really a million - a lot less than I expected).  I quickly changed clothes into my riding stuff and as I left, the husband was spraying the yard for bugs.  Love that guy!

When I got to the barn, it was full.  Two horses in the cross ties in the aisle, another in the wash rack and two more by the BM's tack room.  I stopped to talk to the Eventer about the clinic she'd gone to the day prior.  She said she had a great time, really improved the canter, but that even her husband remarked that her horse isn't going to be able to take her to the level she wants.  She was body clipping her pony and I wondered again about ever doing Archie.  I know a lot of people clip, but I've just.. never.  He's never needed it.  He doesn't get super fluffy.  I do need a cooler, though!

(Side note:  I just got caught in the black hole that is the SmartPak website, looking for coolers, started thinking about how the girth I bought last year to match the Stubben was rusted to all hell, and contacted the SmartPakers.  They're sending me another girth, based on their 100% satisfaction guarantee.  Crossing my fingers that this one lives longer than a year and a half!)

BM was teaching a lesson in the ring, so I opened up a side pasture to ride in.  Archie has actually never been in this pasture before, but was remarkably good.  A mare was galloping the fenceline while screaming and kids were coming out of the woods.  He maintained calm and the only "spook" he had was to come to a stop and stare.  I'm okay with that. It really just felt like more of the same - walk, trot, canter, trying to get contact and him using his back end.  I'm starting to feel like he's actually more balanced tracking right than left, which makes me wonder if we need to start warming up to the right first.

After getting some nice canter departs on the correct lead, his cool-out was to walk around while I did my two point.  I don't know if I can maintain this same level of improvement every ride.  How many more days in October?

I finished the ride with a warm bath for Archie.  I tried a new product, so wait for that review!


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  1. Great improvements in your two point! I wish it ended mid-November instead of October. Vacation time away from ponykins is killing me :)

  2. Machine! You can do it, its a squat on a horse!