Review: SmartShape Riding Bra

Let's talk boobs.

Because we all have them (to some extent) and we're all riders.  It seems the vast majority of the Americans (sorry, to those that aren't) are also SmartPak whores.  Like me.

Back in July, when I evidently had a surplus of fundage and glee, I purchased the SmartShape Seamless Racer Back Riding Bra.  As far as sports bras go, this one was super inexpensive.  I think, with the smartperks, I paid about $13.

Now for the specs.

I am well-endowed.  If you're the sort that can get by without a bra and the world doesn't crumble around you, I hate you.  Actually, I don't.  Because I have a pretty positive body self-image right now and I know the knockers balance me out.  This was always an issue riding ponies, though, because I always felt like my, er, endowments were going to tip me over in the saddle without an ample front end to keep me afloat.  Also affects my range of motion bench pressing, but whatev.

Old photo, but you get the gist.
I bought this bra in a medium.  And white.  Even though the ladies who sold me my super-expensive strapless bra that I wore for five hours for my wedding said that I shouldn't wear white under white and made me get nude.  Fuck them.  I hate the color "nude".  Anyways, here's my convoluted reasoning for the medium:  I wear anywhere from a 34DD to a 38D.  The biggest problem I have is that if the band is tight enough, the cups are too small.  When it comes to regular bras, I make the sizes work.  When it comes sports bras, I want to be strapped in there like a freaking straight jacket.  Corset me.

So the sizing is the most important part, right?  I feel like a medium fits me well, makes me feel secure.  Sort of a bitch to roll over my shoulders, but I can live with that.  I wouldn't go running in this bra, but it feels perfectly adequate and capable of supporting me while I ride.  I haven't been popped in the face or anything.  Also?  The times that I've worn this with a tank top to the gym, the girls have looked great.

The bra is actually perfectly seamless, which seems sort of magical to me.  There are no tags and all the information is printed on the fabric.  There's a nifty little "SmartPak" printed on the rib on one side with a little swirly thing over the boob.  I've been rotating it pretty regularly in with my sports bras and haven't noticed any discoloring or loss of shape.  It has pilled a little, but that might be because I suck air dying bras.  I'm not uncomfortable wearing it to the gym, continuing to wear it throughout the day, riding in it hours later and then wearing it until I take my shower that night.  I know, I'm gross.  I'm also busy  I have a very enriched life.

So, yeah, I just bought another one.  These are on clearance from $35, so they might be phasing them out.  Get one while you can!

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  1. Good review! I have big girls and need all the help I can get.

  2. They were right, no white under white! But is wouldn't think it would matter for a wedding dress; I assume the fabric is thick enough to negate that rule.

    I currently ride/work out in an Under Armor sports bra. You're tempting me though...

  3. Always on the lookout for a good sports bra! Definitely going to look into this for the ladies.