The Infection Spreads.

I went through my show clothes last night.

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I like blues.

My favorite outfit for hot days.

I think I was supposed to give these back.

Knock-off TS.  (I think.)

My favorite helmet.
That's a year younger than my horse..

When does SEI certification run out...?

My "show prep" bag.


Random shit.

Bobby pins, boot shine and band-aids.

One sole glove with a jacked up finger.

And a knife, because WTF WAS I DOING AT IHSA?!

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  1. Duh, getting into dance knife fights! SEI runs out I think after 10 years of constant sun exposure or a fall. :P

  2. Sometimes you just have to shank a bitch...

  3. LOL I had a helmet almost exactly like that!

  4. Ooooooh you are so ready for the show!! :)