I feel naive.

I went to the barn last night, already dark, to ride.  I encountered the BM, who sent me a text about a trail ride this weekend, and the other boarding OTTBer.  In conversation about the trail ride, to better distinguish if it was going to be another marathon on the highway or a mild gathering of wood walkers, BM said that the Eventer wasn't going to be there, of course.  Er, what?  I had to get clarity on the "of course", because it wasn't obvious to me.

And then I find out that her horse had surgery on Monday.  It wasn't the medical-emergency sort of surgery, thankfully.  And I have to give her the benefit of doubt that I just haven't seen her in a couple weeks and that's why she didn't tell me in person.  You know, because now we aren't going to the November show either.  Bootgate?  Null and void.  Gots plenty of time for those babies to arrive!  I'm a cynic who got her hopes up, but not that far up... because, dude.  Still a cynic.

BM also gave me news that devastated me considerably more.

T3 is leaving.

She got an offer in North Carolina.  In respect for her privacy, I've always tried to be a touch evasive about her personal information (hence the nickname).  But... she's a USHJA certified instructor who has experience teaching at colleges.  And by far the best instructor I've ever had.  I'm kicking myself for not having taken far more lessons with her, but there is nothing I can do about that now.  She's not going to be available next week, so my last set lesson with her will be 11/20.  If she comes in to town, BM said that she would be available for lessons, but that'll be sporadic.  I asked if we could kidnap her.

I was able to clear my mind of all that clutter and got in an incredibly good ride.  Archie was responsive and balanced and just.. everything I've ever wanted from him.  He didn't give a single damn about riding by arena light.  I actually remembered to move his hips over tracking left and he just flowed.  I had contact, I had lift and I could see his tail swinging by shadow.  Dude felt amazing.

These lights were AMAZING.  Also, that's the moon in the upper left.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your trainer leaving. It's hard to find someone you click with, and discouraging when that relationship has to end through no fault of anyone's. I had to change trainers when I moved Dani back to the barn she came from, and I think that had a lot to do with things not working out.

  2. So jealous of your outdoor lighting! And that is sad news :( I hope you'll be able to get along without her....maybe someone new will come along!

  3. Oh booooo! I'm so sorry! :( You can work through the bummer of missing the show (HUGE bummer, but there's always more shows...and like you said, you'll be able to get the boot issue sorted out-that's one perk), but a trainer whom you really click with, leaving, is a whole other ball game. I'm crossing everything for you that in the near future you are able to find a trainer that you like just as much! Ask her for recommendations before she leaves - she should be able to recommend other trainers in the area with a similar teaching style.

  4. Sorry that T3 is leaving. She sounds like a nice instructor.

  5. I think it's time for you to win the lottery and buy yourself a truck and trailer. Easy peasy.

  6. lame! :( Hopefully T3 will be back for monthly lessons, I mean visits :)

  7. That stinks. Although I can't blame T3 for wanting to move to NC, it is by far the best state in the union ;)

  8. Aww. Sorry about the sucky news. Hopefully you can find another trainer, or at least someone who can help you kidnap this one

  9. wow. That's a lot of suckiness in a row ... boots, trainer, show ... damn, girl. Have a drink; that always helps. :0)