I went out to the barn late last night to check on the Kid.  My hopes were that I wouldn't encounter anyone because I still feel really awkward about the trail ride.  I'm not sure exactly why and think maybe it's something I should chalk up to my anxiety rather than that I did something wrong.

So, yeah.  People were at the barn.

I first saw the other TB rider, who was blanketing her pony.  She said that Arch was being an ass and chasing all the other horses away from the new hay bale.  I told her that I hope the novelty wears off and he can be his normal self.  I'm not sure how quickly that'll happen - dude hasn't seen hay since we switched barns in August.

She said that she had some pain in her neck from her fall, but that was about it.  Her horse was fine and bore no ill marks of our adventure.  I asked her about heading out on our own and she's game, but she's also going to continue going on the group trail rides.  Seriously, her pony was a seasoned endurance horse compared to my Kid.

I pulled Archie out of his pasture and he seemed happy to see me.  The weather had dropped significantly and he was acting up a little bit.  I checked him over from head to toe and only found a few little spots.  His butt was super tight and he got a little massage there.  His neck wasn't tight, but was warm compared to the rest of his body.  I think that's more from grazing and moving his head.  He had a little bit of warmth on the back of his ankles, with a little cut on that hind left fetlock.  It was more like a little scratch, which could have happened in the field.  Overall?  Seemed perfectly fine and had no issue dancing in the crossties or screaming like a banshee when I walked away.  I plan to ride him tonight and give him a little workout to see how he goes.

Part of the group from Saturday actually trailer in for lessons on a different horse, so we talked briefly about the replacement of T3.  She said that they were going to be trying out four different trainers.  She was very friendly about it - saying that my input was important, too.  I appreciated that, but I will probably just let them decide and maybe watch a lesson or two.  I'm holding on to hope that T3 will make a magical reappearance.

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  1. I hope T3 has a magical reappearance too. Glad Archie is a-ok!

  2. Hopefully T3 will be back sometime! :) You guys were doing so well!