Freezing Fitness.

The Eventer took this photo and I thought,
"Hot damn, I've got a handsome horse."
Oh, man.  As much as I love my horse, moments last night had me wondering if even attempting to ride was a bad decision.  I got to the barn at about six, but it looked like midnight.  No lights were on, so I blazed everything.  I knew BM was around somewhere, but never really saw her.  Every single sentence written above has a comma.  In case you wondered.

I went to get Archie only to realize that the pastures had been switched.  And he'd been moved to the big pasture.  Of course, he wasn't with the closer gathering of geldings, but rather in the back forty being antisocial.  I haltered him, took him back to the barn and did a super quick groom.  Threw on my brand-spanking-new-to-me "riding rug" and his bridle and walked him out to the mounting block.

He flicked his ears when I ripped the velcro on the rug open in order to wrap it around me.  That was about it.  Fifteen minutes of just walking in circles in the ring, in the bitter cold (...uh, for Georgia).  I didn't let him be a goofball about the chair that's been in the corner for a month now nor the horse being hand-grazed on the opposite corner.

This... looks weird.  Sorry about that.
Then it was just a matter of blanketing, putting up my mountains of stuff, and feeding.

No saddle, so no stirrups, so no freaking boots/half chaps!
I feel like yesterday's WW was a teaser post.  I've started reading both those books.  "Started" because I only made it one chapter in Equine Fitness before I had a fucking eureka moment and cried for a highlighter.  Today, I read a little bit in Rider Fitness and started marking the workouts that I'll do tonight.  There are seven of them and nothing new for me.  I'm interested to put it all together and see where it takes me.

After working out, take a nap.  Occasionally look up to see if anyone is bringing you chocolate, beer, or a new pony.

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  1. I wish you had been around to translate the Rider's Fitness book for me when I was attempting to work through it. I might have done more with it instead of cursing at it for assuming I'd ever set foot in a gym.

  2. I felt the same way about both books! I have a stack of copies that I made from the rider fitness book somewhere. I promise I had great intentions of doing the exercises that I had the equipment for. . .I really should find those. . .

  3. Ooo, I'd love for you to blog about your favorite exercises from them!

  4. Hello darkness, my old friend...