Friday's Five Faves.

1. This list.  I think I might be Twilight Sparkle.  And I'm okay with that.

2. This video.  Because I just showed a video and now I want to show a scary one.

3. Barn friends.  I spent a few minutes the other night talking to the Eventer about her ponykin's recovery, the freaking awesome Dapple Bay hoodie she was wearing, and training problems.  And about half an hour ago, the other TB rider sent me a text to see if I would be going on the trail ride tomorrow.  I said yes.  And that we should get club shirts.  I like both these women and it's a matter of accepting that I don't have to be competitive in any way and that no one is judging me.  Also, neither of them has acted like they are better than me, which helps.  The Eventer is super knowledgeable, but it's an approachable knowledge.  And the TB rider is really chatty, but it's a conversational chatty and not a lecture chatty.  And, you know, I'm part of the equation and I've been on my best STFU behavior.

I'd never say "doggone it" and we all know that.
4. Healthy Horse.  This is an Apple app.  Sorry, dudes that don't use it.  I'm not going to say that this is the BESTEST APP EVER.  It's not.  But it's functional and mildly addicting.  You select the body type from a very limited and somewhat generic list, measure your pony, and it spits out an approximation of weight.  I did Archie and of course I didn't save any of that shit, but I agreed with the results:  the Kid is skinny.  I'm definitely not saying that this should be used as a replacement for a veterinarian's recommendation or how a horse appears on the Henneken Body Condition Scoring System.  But if, like me, you have no freaking clue how much your horse weighs, it's good for a ball park until you can get him on an actual scale.

Get it here for $1.99.  Or not.  This website from the Horse is free.  God, I'm such a sucker.
I.. um.. never knew my TB was a "Stock" horse.

Look at his dainty little legs.
5. Supportive Significant Others.  Where would I be without my husband?  Oh, yeah.  Still living in Augusta, still chilling in my one-bedroom/one-bathroom <700 square foot apartment, still walking dogs three times a day and praying that Scarlette would just find a spot and shit already.  Working three jobs to feed the addiction (DIBS ON THAT SHOW NAME!), trying to find time to ride, wash clothes, and sit down.  What friends?  Unless you mean coworkers, because that's the only time I saw anyone.  Oh, yeah, and I hated the salaried job, loved the job that paid shit, and would have quit everything else to do the job that paid nothing.  /misery

Present would be August and down 100 lbs of fat and up 20 lbs of muscle.  Yum.

I'm thankful that he has his own hobbies, that he supports me having mine, that he doesn't question when I say that I need something for my horse or our dogs or our cats or the crazy little reptiles that would love to eat me.  I'm thrilled with his physical transformation over the past couple of years and doing my damnedest to catch up, so he can be just as proud of me.  I still get giddy over this man and I still gush about him to anyone stupid enough to ask.  It sounds really fucking cliche, but I hope everyone can experience a love like mine.

Dude and I had just started dating and he'd already been dragged into this crazy.

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  1. You make me sick. Just kidding! <3

  2. You rock lady! Hope I get as lucky as you in the man department. :D
    Wishing Val was more like AppleJack - earn your keep poneh! For me, I 'm leaning toward DJ Pon-3. Too funny...

  3. Thats the kind of love I want. Gushing years and years and years and years later.