Friday's Five Faves

A few blogs I follow do list things and Friday favorites and all that crap.  So, I thought I'd pilfer the idea and try to start my own, since I typically sweat at the gym on Thursdays and not on my pony.

1)  My car.  Okay, so this isn't really horsie and you can't run out and buy one (I had mine shipped from North Georgia because of my very specific list of specifications).  But!  I gave her a horsie name:  Ruffian.

This makes it legit.
2) Archie's bridle.  I don't think I've ever told the back story on this.  When my $3k car was totalled way back in 2006, I paid a couple bills, put a down on the Archer, and won an eBay bid for a Wintec saddle, a bridle and a saddle pad.  This was like, a million years ago.  Seven.  This was seven freaking years ago.  I paid $400 for the saddle/bridle combination and knew absolutely nothing about either, save that the saddle was synthetic and adjustable (sold it for about $200 when we bought the house in March).
This bridle/saddle/saddle pad combo, actually.
My bridle is a Circuit bridle.  I still don't know much about it, but I'm horrible at cleaning tack (twice a year? maybe?) and this thing has stood up regardless of its owner's ineptitude.  I'm pretty sure he popped the reins, but we'll chalk that up to owner ineptitude, too, and not quality of materials.

3. Soccer socks.  Go to your local sports store and check out their soccer sock selection.  These guys are made to go over shin guards, so they're stretchy without losing shape.  They also seem to be a hundred times less delicate than the fancy-ass boot socks that I've bought in the past.  They are longer, but just fold that shit over.  I think I got a two-pack of my tie-dyes for $8.

A less-cute pair.

4. Adorable Arabians.  

5.  Glutes.  Do some squats.  Tone dat ass, work your quads, and strengthen your core and back in one fell swoop.  Add some dumbbells or a kettlebell with a little press and get more core and some arms.  Do it.  Right now.  

Or grab some free weights (or books, or milk jugs or whatever) and do some walking lunges.  THEY KILL.  I also like Romanian lunges, where you balance the back leg on something solid and lunge.  I think they are a special sort of evil and I hold them close to my heart.

L. Williams and I challenge you to work your glutes this month with 100 reps of whatever ass-building exercise of your choice.  You'll thank us later.

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  1. Circuit makes nice stuff. Good 5's :)

  2. I have not been able to drive my Fiesta for two months since I tore my ACL due to it being a stick. I finally had to start driving it this week as I was going broke driving my truck. I am glad to be back in it! How I have missed being able to listen to Pandora. I had to have mine shipped to me too because I wanted the lime green and a moon roof. Now lime green is everywhere!

  3. Congrats on the new car lady!!

    I will join you and L in the glute challenge, I think. Does it still count if I do my 100 while sipping Somersby & Kissed Caramel Smirnoff? (Delish drink, btw.)