Mega Awesome and Scary Group Ride.

Or... a photo/video dump.  You're welcome.

Eight or so of us.
TBs in the back.

Across the road to the neighbor's property.

Wayyyyy in the back.


Hard to tell, but that's a lake almost in the center.


Awkward smile.


And more bees!

The Ogeechee River.

Where'd everybody go?

There they are!

$7 SSGs.  I dropped one and some hunters returned it.


Happy pony.

Mud to his knee.
Apple reward.

  •  It was five and a half miles over two hours.
  • The other TB hadn't been on a group ride before, either.  (At least, I don't think he had?)
  • We encountered mud and standing water, which, if I had known prior, I wouldn't have taken him through.  
  • I dismounted twice.  Once immediately after crossing the swamp water/mud.  His pasture buddy, the other TB, absolutely refused to cross the water and traversed around the perimeter.  When he went out of sight, Archie lost his shit.  I hopped off for safety because the ground was still precarious.  Ain't ashamed.
  • The second dismount was on the way back.  We were almost back at the mud section and we'd had issues with being way behind.  The horse two up spooked and bolted.  The horse behind him cantered off in pursuit.  Archie couldn't decide whether to pursue or to stay with his buddy.  He was literally bouncing left and right while slowly moving forward.  Safety first!  And it allowed me to hand-walk him around the mud.  He still fell once (glad I got off!), which is where the mud went all the way to his knee.
  • There were points in the ride where we did not see the rest of the group.  Just me and the other rider on the other TB.  She and I both got a little ...disgruntled.. about that.  I explained to one of them that Archie had never been on a group ride before.  I didn't necessarily want anyone to baby us, but dammit.. I was taught to go at the speed of the slowest/lowest rider.  And that would have been me and my little OTTB.  We didn't know the route.
I think there is a trail ride every two weeks or so.  I'll continue to go, because it's good experience.  Other than the couple of times that Archie couldn't process ponies leaving and ponies being left, I had fun.  There were tiny bits of trot.

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  1. Sounds fun but slightly terrifying... at least it would be to me because I'm a chicken shit and I kind of loathe trail riding. I would have gotten off too at the moments you described - good call.

  2. I'm not much of a trail rider, so to me it sounds scary, but also like you and Archie handled it very well! And you got pretty pictures :-)

  3. I love trail riding and this one looks like a lot of fun. looks like a great time. I agree with you about the 'slowest' rider bit. I have learned that others have different ideas about the whole thing.

  4. That is a long ass trail ride (at least for me) glad Arch was essentially agood boy, sounds like the opportunity to go out more will be great for both of you!

  5. I agree with L. That's a long trail ride. I don't know if I could handle the stress of a trail ride that long for the first time, not knowing how the pony would react. Kudos