Baby Jumps.

At the barn party on Saturday, we didn't ride. I didn't expect us to. But I did shove cookies into the Archer's face and just love on his dirty self.

They move the hay bales and the little wooden thing every time they replace the bale, so that big patch of poop and old hay was where it was previously located.
Dirty boy.
Knows I have treats.
D and I ran a million errands on Sunday, to include the normal stuff like the gym and lunch and photographing animals at the Humane Society.  They had 22 pets go home the day prior, so I only had three to photograph.  And we also had to do a little last minute shopping.  I have no freaking clue what kids like these days - other than expensive electronics and shoes - so I postponed shopping for the nieces and nephews until the last minute.  According to my mom, this will be the first Christmas that all of her kids have been home in several years.  Meh.

I got to the barn a little before dark and OR was in the ring, riding.  I groomed and tacked up pretty quickly and met her out there.  It's so freaking nice to have someone to ride with.  She'd set up a small crossrail and we took turns trotting over it a few times.  Then she raised it a little bit and we continued taking turns at the canter.  Goober was a jerk tracking right and would pick up this glorious, balanced canter only to break into the trot a few strides out.  He did it twice before I started pushing for him to maintain the canter.

I feel like we fly over fences.  I'm feeling more competent in my seat and my ability to ride the baby crossrail.  Less standing on my tiptoes over his neck and more hovering above the saddle in a squat position.  I'm starting to trust that, no matter how ugly, Archie will jump whatever I point him at.  I talked to OR a little bit about jumping, as it's something she swore that she wouldn't do with her horse but has been venturing towards a little more lately.  He's a really cute mover and looks like he'd have a nice frame over the fences.  We also talked a little bit about her taking a lesson with T3, as her new potential lesson day is two weeks out.  I'm also trying to talk her into starting a blog, since she wants to document her progress.  :)

The little arabian, after having shoved his face into the bale.

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  1. yay so glad you have someone to ride with and you are feeling more confident/competent over fences :)

  2. Some great pictures, and that arabian is so cute!

  3. Let us know if she starts a blog. I'd love to check it out.