Friday's Five Faves

Equestrian Xmas Themed, because why not?  Compliments of Etsy, because we all already get the Dover and SmartPak catalogs (except our Northern friends - sorry).

  1. Buckstitch Becky's OTTB Decal.  A fellow blogger, Becky's horse Junior recently had colic surgery.  If that weren't reason enough to offer support, this decal is worth it.  $8.

  2. Better Than Your Warmblood.  I don't follow this argument very well because horses are individuals with varying abilities.  But I still giggle every time someone makes a crack about a Thoroughbred besting a Warmblood.  Hell, even the A-Circuit "novels" have a token OTTB.  I try not to be a breedist, but I totally am.  $28.
  3. Custom Portrait.  Considerably pricier, but totally worth it.  Artist seems legit and has great reviews.  I mean, a hand-drawn picture of your pony, to frame and hang above the mantle?  Fuck yes.  $85.
  4. Custom Stationary.  I picked this one because it is horsie without being tacky.  You know how a lot of horse-stuff is just.. gross?  This isn't gross.  A horse, a name, tastefully simple.  $15 for a pack of 12.
  5. George Morris Quote.  I think most of us could make this, but for $5, it would be a quick and easy downloadable gift for some horsie-person.  
*Ps.  I stole all these photos.  Sorry.  Not sorry.

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  1. Yeah. I can't even get Smartpak to consider sending me a catalog, let alone letting me order something to the great white north. I don't know why I'm not allowed to look at all the pretty pictures and at least ogle things I can never have. Thanks for rubbing it in :P

    I also love love love that George Morris quote.

  2. omg that gm print.. now I am going to go make a shit ton of those with cheap frames and sell them for millions