The Celebrations Start.

We had the Christmas barn party last night.  I haven't attended a barn party since I was in high school and still riding at my first barn.  Those were rare pizza parties that normally involved a lot of tack cleaning and braiding.  

I dragged the husband to the shindig last night.  I'm starting to feel like he's my trophy.  :)  I was glad to finally introduce him to the couple of women that I ride with and that I consider my barn buddies.  I didn't want to show up empty handed, so yesterday afternoon I scrapped up the following::

Last-Minute Mason Mash

Two blue mason jars, metal tags and silver ribbon.
Alfala cube at the bottom.
Topped with a layer of beet pulp.
Followed by a layer of oats.

Flaxseed and another layer of oats.

Another cube of alfalfa.
More beet pulp.
Tying on the tag.
Not pictured:  topped with four peppermints.
And the recipients showing appreciation!

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