Or, "Did I Forget That I Had a Blog?"

I rode the other night in the ring with OR.  The sun had already set, the arena lights were on, and it was just a wee bit chilly.  Three ground poles were set up at the far end of the ring, but the damn things are the same color as the sand.  We spent some time trotting them, but not cantering.  T3 had told me previously to canter ground poles in order to build confidence, but Archie knocks them with his hind feet and I get discombobulated.  No bueno.

Dirtiest Pony Ever 
Prior to coming here, I don't think I appreciated watching other people ride enough.  I've learned from watching OR the importance of transitions.  She seems to work on them every ride, asking for halts and backing in the midst of her canters and her trots.  And other than when I specifically set out to work on our 10/15s, I never really work them.  And man, she and her horse do them so well.

I will say that I feel like, when I correctly ask for it, our walk to canter transition has been something borderline magical.  I can feel that the transition is starting with his hind end.  I can feel him reach beneath himself, rocking us both upward and forward.  I have to think this new strength is a direct result of the lessons with T3 and the subsequent corrections.  Speaking of, one person can't lesson on Saturday, so I don't think it's going to happen this weekend.  At least, I haven't heard from her or the BM.

For $200+, you can purchase knock-off paddock boots and half chaps.  I tried to remove the half chaps.  They don't come off.  And there is no zipper.  I think they're taking this "equestrian fashion" shit a bit too far.
And on a weird note:  I stumbled upon the Instagram of the girl who moved her new horse to my old barn right before I left.  Like, seriously unintentional.  I was reading a post by an equine vet about the Clydesdales, and someone made mention that they came to her city every St. Patty's Day for the parade.  Well, shit.  That's Savannah.  So I clicked on her profile and, lo and behold, it's my old barn.  That old trainer has worked wonders.  Trees have been cut down, bushes have been cleared.  I don't know what the hay situation is, exactly, but they had a round bale set up, too.  (Um.  Totally told BO they would need that and she said no!)  Looked to be about five horses there.  The kid seemed really happy and satisfied with the barn and the conditions, so I'm glad things worked out.

Bestest wrapping paper ever.

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  1. Love the Bieber paper! I HATE transition work but it is a necessary evil because we are not very good at them at the moment.

  2. Yes the equestrian fashion trend has gone TOO FAR

  3. Those are the ugliest boots ever.

  4. I can't deal with those boots or the Biebs....eye bleach needed.

  5. The boots are hideous....but they're SORELS! :D Supposedly Sorel makes the best waterproof/snow boots ever. Only reason why I know that is bc I was researching insulated waterproof for our current awful mud season...regular waterproof riding boots just don't hold up...but Sorels are expensive. They should give a $200 discount on those you found; they are awful.

    Transitions suck but they feel so awesome once you start really nailing them. Totally worth the work. :)