I wish BMs sent joyful text messages.  It's always, "Your blanket is in shreds."  Or, "Your horse is lame."  Or, "You're out of supplements."  And, "Your horse's eye is swollen."

I want something like, "Because your horse is just such a beautiful and majestic creature who inspires all of the other horses to be better horse citizens, I'm discounting your board for the next decade."  More likely would be a text detailing the position of his hooves and/or teeth as they educated another horse.

So the text I got Friday was about the Dude's eyeball.  Again.  Happened in September.  It's always that left eye.  No freaking clue.

I went out after work and swung by the grocery store to get a saline solution to flush the eye ball.  When I pulled him from the pasture, I'll be honest, it looked like crap.  I immediately thought about calling the vet out.  Walking him out, though, he opened it back up considerably more.

After flushing it, checking it for any sort of visible foreign body, and applying a cold compress multiple times, I determined that he was doing "meh" better.  It's a measurable quantity.

I sent a picture to the vet who did his fetlock injection back in Augusta.  He's an old school racehorse vet who changed to small animal.  We worked emergency together and I trust this guy s o  m u c h.  I know looking at some iPhone photos isn't necessarily comparable to an ocular stain, but it's a start.  He told me to keep on doing what I'm doing.  No improvement in the next couple of days, I'll call out our regular vet.  Deep sigh.

When I went out Saturday and took off the fly mask, I swear there was improvement.  There was a little bit of crust, but the swelling was down.  More flushing, more cold compressing, shoving some cookies down his face, fly mask back on, and back out he went.

That fourth photo is from Sunday morning.  He looked much, much better.  So, Sunday night I went out and checked him again and actually opted to ride.  He wasn't swollen anymore and just a tad bit squinty.  We kept it pretty basic -- walk, trot, canter and a popping over a couple of crossrails.  Then it was more flushing, cold compressing, cookies, dinner and turning out.

Derp derp?
I'm super freaking exhausted because the husband was up all night due to bad Mexican (the HORROR), but the plan is to go back out to the barn after work (can I make it eight hours?  really?) and hopefully the squinty goodness will be gone.  I'm dying to try some of the jumps that the Eventer set up (and OR kindly lowered to a more reasonable level).

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  1. Oh Archibald. I think shoving the cookies down his gullet was what really helped the swelling.

  2. So long as he gets better in a few days you should have nothing to worry about. It's when they *don't* get better that things are a big deal... ask me how I know!

  3. ugh I hate when they come in with a puffyeye. You can wipe some Polysporin on there if it is a scratch or infection, it should heal it. I used to work for an eye I learned a lot about eyes at that time!

  4. Wishing the Kid & hubs speedy recoveries!

  5. Ugh eyeballs can be such a pain! I'm glad he's improving, and hope both him and D are all better today!

  6. Oh goodness. Horses. Whyyyyyyyy.

  7. Equines and the eyes...Johnny's right eye does that sometimes during the summer--I think the gnats get to it maybe.