Friday's Five Faves

I haven't done this since before Xmas.  Whoops.

  1. If you have Instagram, you should read this article.  It's not at all educational or horsie, but make sure you click through the (fucking) slideshow of the reality of this dude's photos.  Perspective.
  2. Lush Cosmetics.  I know, I know.  We're horsewomen.  Our perfume is horse manure and sweat and our concealer is the dirt perpetually on our hands.  But I love this company.  Let me tell you why:  animal friendly, no animal testing, mostly natural ingredients, and a solid product.  By the way, this is an international company, so our friends to the north and east can enjoy, too!
  3. This hoofpick.  It sorta creeps me out and I sorta love it.  It looks very stabby.

  4. The Horse.  I know everyone knows about the Horse.  But let me just remind you that it exists and has great articles and videos to kill mid-afternoon slumps while simultaneously making you question your horse-ownership skills.  For example:
    Video of signs of a shitty saddle fit
    → Cold-weather feed tips (even though they say now is too late in the season)
    → Stem cells!
    → A shit ton of free "reports" (really just articles and fact sheets with the occasional diagram)
    → This report is timely, as Archie has a swollen eye.

  5. First National OTTB Study.  I felt like hot shit when I got the questionnaire in my email.  The results tell me that I paid too much on average for the Kid, but on par with the category.  And there were 35 other responders in the state of Georgia.  I want to find them. Here's a link to the pdf.

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  1. Thanks for sharing all the things!

  2. I love LUSH. So awesome. Buffy Bar- FAVE!

  3. The OTTB study was quite interesting; thanks for sharing that!

  4. Haha the instagram stereotypes are dead on.

  5. I'm finally all caught up on you blog, yipee! I can't believe I had to go all the way back to Sept to do so - how the hell did I fall so far behind?!
    Anyways, loved every post as always! Hopefully I can keep updated better now that I'm all caught up ;-)

  6. Great. Now who's going to pay for Johnny's new custom Schleese saddle??