I left work early on Friday Tuesday.  I should say, my department was released an hour early.  By the time I made it to my parking garage, mine was only one of a handful of cars left.  Snowpocalypse 2014!

In preparation for the "icy/snowy winter mix", I'd brought my tack home to clean.  I found out before leaving work on Tuesday that I would have Wednesday off and was looking so forward to laying on the couch and watching Veronica Mars.  After whatever attacked my husband on Sunday night, I needed it.

Cleaning.  I don't mind that my leathers don't match the bulk of the saddle because they match the knee patch.

Mint might be my weakness.
Thank you, Hillary!

Is my bridle dying?
Ponykins was brought in and shoved into a stall on Tuesday night, due to the freezing rain.  I vacillated about this and wondered how much anthropomorphizing I was doing; y'alls' northern horses stand in the snow all the time.  But, then, Archie isn't acclimated to cold weather and has such a thin winter coat.

D and I spent the "snow" day around the house, cleaning, sorting, lounging, and periodically checking for the promised snow.  Shocker: no snow.  Today, I got to go in to work late, but I still didn't go to the barn. The high was supposed to be 42, but it was only in the 30s when I left work.  Boo.

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  1. anthropomorphizing: such a quality word;)

  2. Hue actually doesn't stand around in the snow or freezing rain. Not when it is actually falling anyways. They went out when it was on the ground though. But Hue is on day turnout in the winter so it wasn't a life altering situation for them to be in when it snowed. I think all of our guys were appreciating the warm barn and being out of the wind!

    Glad you're enjoying the soap!! :)

  3. if its actively snowing or freezing rain mine come in. If the wind chill factor is going to make it too much below zero and theres snow on the ground they either stay in or only go out for a few hours. They have blankets and good winter coats but yanno... spoiled.

  4. You can clean all my tack on your next snow day :)

  5. That bridle is dying. :/ I like the leathers/knee roll look :) It pops!

  6. Johnny's old dressage bridle would probably work for Archie until you get a new one--it's hanging in the tack room, I think. If not, it's in my bridle bag in the aisle hanging on the stall. It doesn't fit Johnny's ginormous noggin, so use away! Though, you won't be all matchy-matchy.