The Infestation.

Just a big ol' puddle of warmth and sunshine.

Honestly, I don't know what the fuck was up with Archie's mane. After one night of pulling and treatment, he had significant improvement. It makes me wonder if there was something parasitic - mites? - that was able to live in his too-thick, toasty mane. And if that parasite died when I took the warmth away.

Other thought is that the medication I used, chlorohexadine, knocked the mighty grossness out. Chlorohexadine (I think I've waxed poetic about it before) is a veterinarian-grade "cleaning" solution. Typically comes in a normal rinse or a scrub. For example, in preparation for an IV, we would alternate the chlorohexadine scrub and alcohol solution prior to insertion of the catheter. I can't remember the percentage of the hospital stuff, but wouldn't be surprised if mine is watered-down. Anyways, if you see it (over-priced!) at the tack store, it's a nice little medication to keep on hand.  
I miss vet med.
So, I feel loads better about waiting to have the Kid seen, which is currently scheduled for Valentine's Day at the butt crack of dawn. If there is even the slightest bit of lingering, I think a skin scrape cytology would be in order. And diphenhydramine. And maybe dex. And maybe cipro (horsies get cipro?).  But, yeah, on the mend!
Top is before treatment, bottom is the next day - still gross, but no red dots!
Thanks for all the well-wishes for my Ponykins. :)

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  1. Hope you can get it gone asap! It looks loads better!

  2. Yuck. Glad you were able to get it cleared up so quickly. Dr. Beka to the rescue!

    PS - I just ate a Kinger Egg.

  3. I will concur that chlorhex is da bomb! His mane is looking loads better. I'm so glad it's not sweet itch after all. Sweet itch can be a huge PITA to manage. For skin funk on Lily, my vet prescribed Uniprim (I *think* it's a sulfa antibiotic) and it worked wonders. From the looks of it, Archie is gonna be all better by vaccine time! :)

  4. could be lice too...hope this works. I would do a worming just in case is it a parasite.

  5. I know you're going to forever associate me with a certain nameless person whom we all bitch about, but I swear by bacon grease for mane and tail funk. I come from an old farm family, okay?? For one thing, if it's mites, they drown in it (our vet used to prescribe olive oil for clients who couldn't afford ear mite treatment); it's got sulfur in it, so it kills dandruff, and the grease is highly moisturizing. I know...I know, but hey, it works, AND you get to eat bacon so you can save the grease!!