Unexpected things happen unexpectedly.

A couple of weeks ago, the Eventer mentioned that she would be having a shindig at her house to watch a movie and talk show season.  The eventing show season, obv.  I filed this in the back of my mind and forgot about it.

OR asked me a few days ago if I was going.  I was still wavering up until the very last moment, but did actually make an appearance last night (proud, L?).  I only stayed for about an hour, but before I left we talked about clinics.  Everything happens at least two hours away.  Sad face.

I told them that I would be interested in a clinic, in these fancy trainers.  Names were thrown left and right (a Misty?  Missy?  A Shultz or something?), but they flew right past me.  And then I left.

Quarter sheet, FTW.
Fast forward to today.  I've got a lesson with T3, who I haven't seen in what feels like a really long time.  And I won't see her again for about six weeks.  She gave us notice that she would be in town and arranged private lessons for the three of us that normally took... as well as for OR, who wanted some jump schooling.  I was second in the line up and made sure that I rode last night, since he had a couple of days off.  It was 38 degrees last night and dude was not happy.

Right before my phone died.
So, I pull him out of the pasture, pull off his sheet and start grooming.  He's got a hind leg cocked, but almost always rests that back end.  And then I notice a scrape.  When I touched it, he flickered just a little bit, but the wound wasn't warm.  I kept grooming, tacked up, and mounted.  The first lesson was running behind, so I ended up walking him in the grass for about twenty minutes.

When I entered the ring, I told T3 that Archie had been nailed in the hind leg, but that he seemed sound on it.  I picked up a trot and she told me to push him a little more through his back end and he responded by kicking out and then cantering.  I brought him back to a trot and she asked if he felt off to me.  He didn't.  She said that he wasn't quite right.  She thought maybe he could work out of it, so I changed direction.  She then told me to do a circle.  And Dude was off.

I dismounted and we looked at the wound.  I put my hand around it and he actively flinched and it was obviously warm.  Conclusion?  Archie got nailed right before I pulled him out of the pasture.

I cold hosed his leg, buted him and applied some topical ointments.  I'll check him tomorrow, but won't try to ride again until Monday.

Since I had a shit ton of free time, I pulled my camera out of the trunk of my car and started taking photos of OR riding in her lesson.  She did great and her horse is just developing into a freaking beast.  It's awesome to watch.

After her lesson, I asked her what happened at the shindig after I left.  She said that they had discussed going cross country schooling in a little city outside of Columbia, SC.  It's about two and a half hours away.  In the discussion.. um.. space wasn't left for me and Archie.  OR said that they could try to shuffle some things around to make room, but it would be difficult.

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  1. Poor Archie. Hope he's back go new in no time.

    In the picture you took it looks like that person is using a bradoon (the snaffle for a double bridle) as a normal bit. The rings are tiny! I only know how that looks bc I was sold a bit off eBay as a standard snaffle and the rings were so small I thought it would slip through the mouth. Turns out it was a bradoon.

    Anyways hope if works out so you can maybe go XC schooling!

    1. Haha, yeah! She told me that it was the secondary bit for a double bridle. I can't remember why she said she picked it, but that he has responded really well to it, so she hasn't sought out a different bit.

      You know, super frightened about the idea of going XC schooling, but I really, really want to!

  2. Hope Archie is on the mend soon!

  3. Sounds like Archie needs a few days off! Hope he heals quickly!

  4. Poor Archie! It also sucks that they didn't leave room for you and him to go to the clinic. Hopefully they manage to make things work for you guys to go

  5. That sucks on both the kick and the trailer room. I'm sorry.

  6. Poor Arch, hope he feels better soon. Is it Missy Roades you guys might clinic with? http://www.missyroades.com/home

    She gave me advice on who not to ride with when I was going to move to GA.

  7. what a bummer...get well soon Archie. Maybe find another person with trailer who would want to go?

  8. Poor Arch man. I hope he heals quickly! Those darn horses are always up to something.

    That sucks about the exclusion. I hope you are pleasantly surprised with the ability to go... I bet it would be a blast!

  9. So I'm getting the idea that one of us needs to buy a freaking 3/4 truck. We're out--my hubs would consider divorce if I even brought up the idea. But, as an alternative, why don't we get to work building a schooling course around the pastures? We can dig out the water, rivet the ditch, place some logs, build some coops, etc... This Saturday morning??