Fly By Night.

I didn't get out to the barn on Tuesday, either.  I traverse three or four various highways, depending on how  you count it, maybe even five, in order to get from my job within the trenches of the downtown city to the barn, in another rural city.  I have it timed pretty well so I can get home for dinner by about 8.

I'm not the best driver and the following statement might also make me a horrible person, but I wish people were a little more cautious when driving because their accidents really fuck up my schedule.

Conversely, I really sympathize that so many people seem to suffer from migraines, too.  We should find some correlation, like ↑horse time = ↓brain cramps.  And get some unsuspecting doctor to write some notes.

Archie brought half the pasture in with him.
I was able to ride last night.  It was quiet and peaceful and Archie was a freaking dream boat.  Responsive and forward and balanced.  And really out of shape.  I see more timed conditioning in our future.  Anyways, we worked on our canter serpentines, which the Kid nailed.  I'm not saying that he does flying changes or even pretty simple changes, but once I shift my weight and his bend, he automatically picks up the correct lead.  I think when T3 had us practicing this, many moons ago, it was one of those baby steps towards flying changes.  Flying changes are another one of those things that I haven't schooled since Augusta (like.. courses, solid fences, counting leads), but I think the racehorse in Archie knows his leads.

And then, like a balm, the barn was empty when it was time to feed him.  Coming from the barn where I was the sole boarder and never saw a single person, I really appreciate those quiet moments with my horse.  Watching him munch his dinner, listening to the night, and finally following Cassiopeia to turn him out.

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  1. Archie knows his leads bc Archie is a badass baller.

  2. Glad to hear you are feeling better & totally condone the corrupting of doctors notes to facilitate more pony time!

    Answered your questions on my blog (not sure if you saw) - also if KozySocks won't deliver Stateside...I WILL!

  3. I love quiet moments at the barn at night. As pissy as my horse gets when I ride through dinner I love being able to feed her after when I'm the only one in the barn.

  4. Best thing I ever did was cut my commute down from 45 min to 15 min. It's amazeballs.

  5. Migraines are the WORST! I also sympathize on commute time. Except my commute is worst from home to barn.