Posting Tittle.

My schedule is all wacky this week.

Monday, I opted to spend time with the husband, who got off work early, rather than go ride the pony.  There's something about talking about landscaping options and dividing chores that leaves me feeling like a fortunate and contented grown up.

So, Tuesday, I opted to ride.  There were about 800 various things going on and I looked at a lot more than Archie did.  Lazy pony is amazing.  I can't say that it was a very productive ride, but it was still good time spent in the saddle.

Yesterday poured rain and called for more rain.  I normally ride on Wednesdays, but switched out Wednesday and Thursday.  So, I headed to the Humane Society and then to the gym.  What are you doing to improve your riding fitness out of the saddle?  (Note to self: more cardio.)

Some puppy porn for you. 

I've had a lot of muscle development lately.  After cycling through Rider's Fitness a second time (oh, by the way, the last two weeks of the program are pure shit.  Skip.), I've incorporated exercises from the book with exercises I just enjoy.  I'm in the habit now of working both upper and lower every workout, and alternating the major muscle groups.  I'm periodically very sore and very not sore, which lets me know when I need to up it.  Now... if I could get the same results for my pony...

Which leads to pony time tonight.  I'm sure the Kid doesn't know what day of the week it is.

Stolen from the Eventer (, who also set it up. :)

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  1. I think I will borrow that for Saturday, thank you and thank you. :)

  2. Love the course and cute puppy pics!!

    This weeks schedule has been wack for me too!

  3. My week has been seriously lacking in saddle time #sadtimes!
    We totally need more puppies! The one with freckles on its nose, omg SQUEE!