Middleton Place Schooling Show: Amoeba Dressage

OR and I had been talking about this for a while.  We wanted to go to a low-key schooling show and get our feet wet.  Plans, y'all.  A shit load of plans and hopes and aspirations and other things we don't discuss because to put to paper somehow jinxes and taints.

The way the show was set up meant that Tadpole had a w/t/c dressage test and 2' fences.  Amoeba was a w/t test and 12" - 18" fences.  After vacillating, considering the distance, the inexperience, the whole novelty of the situation, we both opted for Amoeba.  Gotta start somewhere and the primary goal was to have a good experience.

I thought we had timed it pretty well.  The distance between her new barn and my barn was about 40 minutes.  Both horses needed to eat breakfast.  Then it was about two hours to the secluded estate-style facility.  I woke up at 4:30 and was in my car by 4:55.  I had Archie in the aisle eating breakfast while I wrapped his legs by 5:15.  The instruction given to me by my old trainer in Augusta ate at me and I ended up wrapping and re-wrapping his left hind about a dozen times.  Fuck you, polo wraps.

Before I knew it, OR was pulling up with her trailer.  Archie was still munching a little bit, so we loaded everything on her trailer.  Then it was time to load him.  I had told OR that Archie loaded like a fucking champ and as he was walking on, she let out a little squeal of glee and he responded with a HAHAHA, FUCK YOU!  And promptly climbed back off.  A little clucking and he was loaded, tied, and we were off.

OR's horse loaded just as quickly and we were on our way.  Making great time.  Except I have an old-lady bladder that was exacerbated by anticipation and anxiety and my pursuit of a physical toilet ate up the gains we'd made in time.  I don't know why that one decrepit gas station wouldn't let me pee in the bathroom they were renovating.  I mean, people in India pee in holes all the time, right?

We parked, unloaded, found my very special, very loving husband, and OR raced to get our packets.  This was at about 10:00 AM.  Rhonda was scheduled to do her dressage test at 10:17 AM.

Fortunately, once we made it down to the warm-up area, we found out that they were running behind schedule due to adds.  And, woo, I wouldn't be going first for our division!  So we spent some time warming up.

See his grin!

Okay, so the chick in pink?  She was the add to our class who ended up taking her dressage test first.  I was trying to be nice to her and told her, before she went in, that her helmet was crooked.  She just sort of looked at me in response.  But remember:  pink chick.

I love this pony.

So, finish warming up.  Pink chick goes in, does her test.  When she comes up the centerline for the last time, I start trotting down to A.  When she exits, I hear her say disparaging things to her mare, about how pissed she is and how she hates her.  Maybe that's her love language, but it sat wrong with me.  Shows are supposed to be fun.  I mean, this is fucking amoeba.  If the mare isn't ready for amoeba, isn't it the rider's responsibility to make sure it's still a rewarding experience?  

And then it was my turn!

Meh.  A little short of X, but that's a damn good halt for my Kid!

I loves him.

Medium walk.

Turning into our free walk.

Considering everything, I'm proud of him for stretching this much.

He's just such a good boy!  

And then I butchered the second halt.
And here's my score card:
Favorite part?  "Very well matched pair."
So, we can medium walk like freaking champs.  Our bends definitely need work - notice how the right bend scores worse than the left bend?  Free walk needs work.  And, um, yeah.  Need to stop pony completely before saluting.  Also?  No idea that dressage tests were supposed to be silent!  I think I told him that he was a good boy.  And I might have laughed at him when he screamed during the second circle.

And here's the video.  The clicky-clicky heard in the back ground would be the shutter on my camera that my husband held in his other hand.  I'm accepting ideas for nice things to do for him, because he really went above and beyond.  He held ponies, groomed hay out of manes, brushed the subsequent hay off necks, and then was the videographer and photographer for both of us!

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  1. You both look great! What a fun experience!! I would have forgotten my test. And pink chick.. what a jerk

  2. "I don't know why that one decrepit gas station wouldn't let me pee in the bathroom they were renovating. I mean, people in India pee in holes all the time, right?"


    Seriously, though, y'all look fantastic! Congrats on a good show! :)

  3. Pink chick sounds like a freak already. Archie looks AWESOME and so does that new belt :)

  4. Aw yay! I hate attitude's like the pink chick's at shows. It's okay to be disappointed and okay to jokingly call your horse a jerk or a nerd or a spazzoid (or all three... I've been there) but true pissiness and anger towards your horse is never okay in my book. Ya'll look great out there!

  5. Haha! I love the picture of him smiling! It sounds like you had a good day. Congrats on a successful show!

  6. What a fun time! I love all of the photos, you both really look like you're having a BLAST and that is what its all about!

  7. You guys look great! Pink Chick needs to re-evaluate why she's riding - that is NOT an acceptable attitude.

    Congrats on a successful schooling show!

  8. So fancy!! Way to go, Rhonda and Archie!

  9. Amazeballs girl, you guys rocked it like champs!
    Hubby is some man for one man doing all that - LEGEND!

    PS: love the belt *thumbsup*

  10. YAYAYAYA! You both look awesome :-)

  11. You guys look awesome, Arch looks amazing :) You've done a good job!

  12. You guys look great! Love all the pictures!

  13. You two looked GREAT! The smiley picture is soooo awesome. ;D

  14. You both look fantastic!! The move to this barn has been the best thing evah for you and Archie. So happy for you and all of your adventures with your boy!

  15. You guys look great! Congrats!