Alright, I don't ask y'all for much.  Other than unconditional love, to flatter the Archer with your internet throes of affection, and to never comment on the chub in the saddle flailing around.  Yeah, I love you guys.  :)

Sooooo.  I didn't mention this because I totally respect her and it wasn't my story.

OR fell off at the last show.

And it was epic.

And it was caught on video!  (I might ask nicely if we can watch it!)

She did the Amoeba class with me and then added the Tadpole (2'-2'3").  And... Bu didn't like the way the logs looked, I guess.

I really don't know how she didn't break her wrist.

Anyways, the point of this?  Other than to show off her amazing landing skills?

I... kinda sorta... planted an idea in her head to enter a contest.  That's what friends do, right?  Share funny shit like this with the internet?

So, be my bestie, go like her photo on GetMyFix.Org's Facebook page.  She is lucky number 13.  

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  1. Consider it liked. I LOVE THAT. I have had a few of my falls mostly or almost documented and talk about epic… Glad she wasn't hurt.

  2. Yeouch - nasty spill, glad she's ok!
    Voted :)

  3. I voted and commented! As of now shes got 21 likes and the leader has 51.