I Quit.

(should I go ahead and apologize because I find drawing these little craptastic cartoons incredibly cathartic?) (sorry not sorry)

First, we have the mild colic.

Then, the Archer brilliantly throws a shoe.

All of this appears too much for his immune system and we have an outbreak of hives.

So, in lieu of working hard, we work on mental boundaries and go on our longest solo trail ride to date.
...And we break the bridge.

This warrants more explanation:
With OR.

  • When I felt his butt lurch, I immediately dismounted and checked him over.  I wasn't sure which leg went through the bridge.  There was no blood and he was not lame.

  • It was approximately a mile and a half back to the barn.  I hand-walked him for a little while until I was sure that he was sound and the excitement of having something collapse beneath you had passed.
  • I dismounted again when it came time to cross the major street and proceeded to hand walk him until we had passed all the muddy areas and were back on flat, solid land.
  • When I was untacking him and checking him over, I noticed the blood.  It was probably a dime-size-ish and a scrape, not a puncture.  Archie got completely cleaned up and given a little bute for the ordeal.  He also got the next day off.
First notice, while untacking.
After cleaning up a bit.
And prettier, happier photos:

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  1. I love the cartoons.. heh. You've had a bit of a bad run. I feel your pain.. i really do. I swear it will get better. Hang in there!

  2. Love your illustrations! Sorry your boy is having such a bad run of luck!

  3. I also enjoy the pony cartoons. Sorry about the bad luck, but luckily bad things usually come in threes.... you've had four so you're definitely due for some good luck now :)

  4. Poor Archie. Having the bridge break would have completely freaked me out!

  5. That is some rotten luck, but yay you guys were fine, coulda been a lot worse.

  6. Your drawing skills are the best. I love Archie cartoons. Hopefully you get a long string of good pony luck soon!

  7. Your cartoons are awesome! Good vibes coming your way.

  8. The bridge is pretty crazy. You've been having a sucky time of it lately

  9. I've always secretly (or not so secretly) worried about crossing wooden bridges for that very reason... that would have blown my mind.

    You two have been through the wringer lately. Hoping the bad luck string is broken now! Glad Archie just got a little scrape. :D

  10. Aye! The bridge thing would have def freak me out too!

    Glad you are both ok!

  11. You've had a rough time! Hope things start to look a little better soon...