Nitty Gritty.

It's been a while since I've done a weekend recap.  So let's do that.

I don't remember.

In the voice of Bane: Speak of the devil and he shall appear. 
Oh, wait.  Um.  Work.  I went to work and then I went to the barn.  I was super toasty in my plaid shirt that I'd worn to work, but I remember thinking that the hunter green breeches with the blue plaid looked awful smart.

I can't remember what we worked on, but I think there was a bunch of cantering.  And then we went on a little trail ride, where I rediscovered a couple of microhills which the Archer got to walk up and down a couple times.  They aren't really big enough for anything else. Also, no photographic evidence.

Then I went home and had pizza with my husband.  Holy shit, Man of Steel.  Movie, plot, action, blah blah blah.  That dude without a shirt on?

Oh, let's talk the mind fuck that is the weekend days.

Got up, made cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Orange creme.  From a tube.  Super duper delicious.  Then it was going to the gym (squats, deadlifts, kettlebell swings, tricep pull-downs, wide fly).  I complained of being too hot and my handsome husband stole a fan to put next to me.  I grinned like an idiot.  After the gym, we had Mexican (surprise!), then went to Sam's Club and bought various household stuff.  Like rubber mulch.  And hydrangeas.  And bananas.

Headed home, trimmed bushes, found a bird's next in one, cleared more old leaves and laid the new mulch.  Planted the hydrangeas.  Battled gnats.  Sat down inside for approximately three minutes.

Went to the barn and set up two crossrails.  One on regular standards, one on blue barrels.  Warmed up at the walk and trot, did very little canter, and proceeded to jump everything at the trot and canter both ways.  I feel like my canter work has regressed.  All of this was followed by another little trail ride, in which I tried to photograph flowering vines from hell and startled a bald eagle.

Mad dash home to not change but have the husband jump in my car.  He's so used to being out with an equestrian that the boots, dirty breeches, and looks don't phase him anymore.  Dinner was Shane's followed by some fro-yo and watching kids battle it out.  The not-parent in me wanted to connect little GPS dots to them and record their strategic playing for war games.  Grocery shopping on the way home and finally some sit-down time for yours truly.

D made my breakfast while I fed the dogs.  Took a few minutes to sit on the couch and watch an old episode of Law and Order SVU.  Then, back off to the gym.  We go to a different on one Sundays because it opens sooner.  D teases me about my girlfriend who likes to watch me squat.  I'm very competitive.

Bicep curls, Arnold shoulder presses, rows, bench press and about fifteen minutes of cardio on the arc trainer.  Less leg and back because I was hurting from the day before.  Left to giggles after an impromptu rendezvous with my girlfriend in the bathroom.

Lunch was Subway, followed by photographing about seven meowsers at the Humane Society.  They've had so much freaking turn over in the last year.  Also had an outbreak of upper respiratory in the cat room, but didn't provide sufficient blankets to hold the cats until I requested it.  And, you know, if I'm taking photos for you, could you at least use them?

Swung by Publix to get more groceries - we're pretty selective.  Home for him to mow the back yard and me to wash our cars.  Sat down for about half an hour before heading back out to the barn.

Warmed up the goober at the walk and trot.  Tried to do that little exercise where you circle one direction and then add a second, smaller circle to the opposite direction while still bending in the first direction.  It was hard.  I had to dismount, grab a crop, and fix a few problems.  1) Speed.  2) Bend.  Pony also has developed the opposite problem that we addressed with T3.  Instead of bulging right, we're now bulging left and blowing through the left shoulder.  Flexed to the inside left with a long rein back to the girth, a strong outside right leg behind the girth, and tiny little taps of the crop at the inside left girth.  Hel-lo.  Archie was a fucking champ once he started using his body correctly.

Warmed up briefly over the jumps that I'd left out from the day prior.  Then finally dropped the poles off the barrels, turned them on their sides and smooshed them together.  Jumped it a few times and called it a day.  After cantering down the lane and another mini session with the microhills.

Picked the husband up, had dinner and lounged very briefly on the couch before heading to bed.

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  1. Sounds like a busy weekend! That video thing was so cool.

  2. Productive weekend for sure!! :)

  3. Busy but awesome and productive weekend you had (psst you also haven't done your friday faves in a while)

  4. My weekend was absurdly lazy and I feel even lazier having read all of that. Blah. I need to get in "defeat your inner fattie" mode. But for now the fattie in me is shining :/ lazy to the max over here. I want someone to move fans for me!

  5. Orange cinnamon rolls are my absolute favorite.

  6. I've always wondered: at what time do you wake up on weekends? I never manage to be able to squeeze in that much even when I try! Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend. :)

  7. I'm impressed by your gym-going... because I fail at that.

  8. Look @ you badassing over the barrels - woop woop.
    Reading about your weekend has left me exhausted, how did you fit it all in?!