Remember when I said that work sucked, but it was going to get better?  Well, there was a period of about two weeks in which it was sorta-better, but then it got bad again.  This second round, I refused to step up like I had the prior, so while I'm affected, I'm not as fucked as I had been.  Radio silence.

Farrier came by yesterday and tacked the shoe back on.  Pleasantly, I wasn't charged for the process!  (He's never charged me before, but has different standards when I'm not boarding with an elected official?)

I ran by my house to pick up my SmartPak, chock full of goodies, only to then leave it sitting on the freezer when I headed to the barn.

But, we rode!  I actually consider this the first real ride since his colic episode.  Walk, trot and canter.  And a little meander in another pasture, which necessitated going through a gross puddle twice.

Dirty pony.
Here's to tomorrow being Friday and that much closer to the effing weekend.

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  1. I hate when you work so much, I know it means you have money but it means you can't chat with me all day long. (Though today was an improvement).

  2. Glad to hear the Archer is well on the mend & that the shoe sad face is no more!
    Hopefully work eases off and you can enjoy loadsa pony time over the weekend!

  3. Oh smartpak box of goodies!!

    Glad Archie is feeling better and you got to ride! Hope work chills out!

  4. Glad you got to ride. That always helps with life.

  5. I leave stuff in random places all the time... drives me crazy!!