Or, I'm an asshole.

The video:
→ First two goes from right to left, jumping 2' at the center and then 2'3" on the left.  Does well.
→ Course change, 2'3" on left and 2'6" at center, poles removed from far right.
→ First go, from left to right, I bury him.  I do nothing to assist through the line.
Hanging knees of doom.
To your grave, Wonder Pony!
→ Second go, from left to right, he does everything correctly.  I get air time after the second fence and evidently pretend that I'm jumping down a bank.
Weee... I'm an asshole.
→ Third go, I kill our motor and Archie peters out between the fences.  I don't count this as a refusal, I consider this a stupid rider.  You can sorta hear me say something like, Gotta go faster!
→ Fourth go, Archie, tired now, nails the fence with his hind left.  His shit head rider just feels that things are "off", not that her horse is three-legged lame between fences.

This is what a three-legged canter looks like.
→ Course change to 2'3" on left and half an X in center.
→ Pony is very cautious the first time, but hits the rail on the 2'3" the second time.

Ugh.  I feel like a shitty horse owner and a shitty rider.  I keep watching this video, over and over, and seeing all the things that went wrong.  I will say:  confidence is not an issue.  2'6" looks just like 2'3", even when I discover that it's not actually 2'6".

→ My horse is an athletic beast who can still carry us safely over fences even after his shithead rider buries him grave deep into the base.
→ Archie has an incredible, incredible, work ethic.
→ He forgives.
→ I have sort of enough sense to say "this isn't right" and to make the questions easier.

→ I lack skill.
→ While the Kid can successfully (though, that's debatable) clear the heights I ask him to jump, he is not at the fitness level to do it multiple times.
→ I offer no direction between fences.  Pushing him forward so that he chipped less would have solved the majority of our problems.  I know the line works as a one-stride.  There's no reason that he shouldn't do an easy land-stride-jump instead of a land-stride-chip-eat fence-scramble over.  Also, forward would have helped with the actual clearing of these little fences.  Derp derp.

What now?
→ More jumping.  This might be adverse to common thought, but we need to practice the motions and build the muscles.  Except, not at 2'3 - 2'6", because he wears out too quickly and gets sloppy.
→ More pole work, strengthening that hind end.
→ Add in some long, slow distances to build his stamina.  Maybe Sundays just need to be our trail ride days and we need to go out for a couple hours and intersperse walking, power walking, trotting and slow canters.

The best.  Before I got air time.

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  1. You're not an ass hole, you'e an amateur. This is why we give our saintly horses cookies and keep them safe forever :)

  2. Jumping all the things!! Cut yourself some slack lady.

  3. Haha, taking a joke is a good quality in a horse... especially for us jokesters! lol

  4. Look how much more you are doing with him, I think it's awesome! And this is why we take lessons and are ammy's :)

  5. Yes some slack needs to be cut for you, leaps and bounds (literally) difference in your confidence/riding!

  6. I agree with everyone else. You're still improving. It's not the Olympics. And just think about the height. And he's doing it!