Toting his credit card, again, I took my husband's cat to the vet this morning.  This would be Achilles, who we lovingly refer to as "little shit", located somewhere on the sidebar to your left.

The Shit is an obnoxious cat, full of personality.  He launches himself into our arms.  Or onto our unsuspecting backs.  He jumps on the counter, regardless of how many times I've chased him off, sprayed him, swatted him, scruffed him.  One side of the sink has to stay blocked because he's discovered the magic of the garbage disposal.  He leads you into the bathroom.  He harasses our quiet, shy cat incessantly.  He's run off with cinnamon rolls en route to our mouths, with icecream sandwiches, with meat intended for others.

But for the last few days or so, he has done none of this.  He's slept.  He's slowly eaten.  He's taken treats, but not with his normal finger-tip-devouring enthusiasm.  I explained to my husband that by the time you realized that cats were sick, they were normally on death's door.  So I made an appointment.

And the cat is pretty sick.  Not like dying-sick, but gimme-drugs-and-bloodwork-and-rechecks-sick.
No drugs at this point, just a naturally tripping cat.

The vet noted that he was anemic and that his blood was clotting poorly and suspects a feline infectious anemia, transmitted by fleas.  This was an education for me, as the only time I've experienced feline flea related anemia was the last time that Lizzie Borden (also pictured left) donated blood - to a cat so inundated with bloodsuckers that she was anemic.

I think this antisocialism was the result of illness and insult.
Couple this excitement with some personal drama leaving me perpetually ready to drive to Florida, unending rain, and a general lack of my normal (ha. ha.) joie de vivre.  That's it.  Just merge all that shit and percolate.

Being poked and prodded warranted a snack.. also so I could shove pills down him afterwards.
(For those in the know:  the cats are indoor only, UTD on Revolution, and the dogs are on Comfortis, as well as a secondary medication in their heartworm preventative that sterilizes fleas.  And the nutter husband sprays the back yard periodically, even though I don't like it, because I'm worried about contaminates going into the creek.)

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  1. Poor kitty :( hope he feels better soon.

  2. That's odd, especially with the excellent care you provide your animals, and especially in a kitty as young as him. I hope he's all better real soon, and that all of the sucky life stuff going on right now goes away.

  3. Poor guy! Hope he's on the mend soon!

  4. Ugh fleas. The bane of my existence (my cat is indoors as well but fleas just manage to find him regardless- gross but California for you).
    Hope he feels better soon!

  5. Get well soon kitty!

  6. Oh that sucks. I hate life. At least you caught it and he's on the mend. My cat got fleas in a horrible turn of events once even though I too am crazy about his care. Fleas = not fun.