Friday's Five Faves

  1. NyQuil D - one of those things that the husband magically procures, though the process is supposed to be something like gathering unicorn tears in its complexity.  I woke up at midnight the night before last and I felt like I was swallowing razorblades.  Legit.  I went to work for a half day, went home and piddled around the house (um, the Veronica Mars Movie just got released on dvd, fyi.  I've only watched it twice since Tuesday) (and still didn't manage to complete start any of the projects that I plan to have done by tonight).  After dinner, I took a swallow of this crap and slept for eleven hours.
    I didn't draw this.  Pleated Jeans, I think?
  2. Pixelmator.  This prolly means shit to y'all that a) don't use Macs and b) aren't into photography/graphic design/making "pretty" art.  All of the cartoons that I've done (except for my year end recap) were done with this program.  Archie's birthday banner was done with this.  All of my photos get run through it to clean up blemishes and enhance.  I used Photoshop for three years prior to switching to Pixelmator and the motivating factor was cost.  D upgraded my laptop for Christmas (um, 13 inch Macbook Pro with retina display, thank you) and I lost my access to Photoshop.  That $30ish/month Cloud access crap?  Whatever.  I paid $30 for Pixelmator.  Once.
    This squinty-eyed beast is Davey Jones.  Davey Jones was wearing an obnoxious orange leash, the removal of which wasn't perfect (my eyes can still see it, but I also know where it was), but was super duper easy thanks to Pixelmator.
  3. This tag.  No secret that I love all things Etsy.  I can't even remember how I found this tag, but I did and it's a brilliant idea.  You should buy one.  I'm not going to, because I can make it, but I'm also not going to sell them because that's ripping off someone else's creativity.  Also, the snark in me wants to put "911", but my husband's number or the BM's number would be a little smarter.  I guess.
  4. Consignment tack stores.  I didn't even know this was a thing until I moved to Savannah and ventured to Charleston.  D and I had a date day last weekend and spent the day in Charleston, wandering an old plantation.  I'll share photos eventually.  But there was a requisite tack store stop.  I purchased two saddle pads and more Elite Equine Evolution stuff.  I googled one of the pads because I'd never seen it before.  Mine is pretty beat up and I had to remove a monogram, but I only paid $10 for it.  It's a Tolkat Classic III, but has this weird soft-rubber mesh thingy on the area around the spine.  Bonus points to anyone who has any idea what I'm talking about.
  5. Shop vacs.  Hey, you know what's fun?  When you spend some time removing a monogram and the cats lay on the saddle pads while you work and you think, I should really wash this before I put it on my pony. So you toss your relatively clean "new" saddle pads and a couple towels in the washing machine, because the husband can't object because there is no horse hair, right?  And then you forget about it until the dogs ask to go outside.  And you open the laundry room door to find that the unbalanced machine has walked across the room and disconnected the drain hose and drained all over the floor, flooding the entire room, pantry included.  So you spend the next hour or so (while Veronica Mars continues to play in the background, without you) vacuuming up water with the little shop vac the in-laws gave you, under your husband's eagle eye.  Fun times, guys.

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  1. Yay, friday faves makes a comeback! I do need to watch the VM movie.

  2. I love that tag!! Annnnd number 5 is totally something that would happen to me.

  3. Yesss consignment stores!