If you follow a couple of your fellow bloggers on Instagram, you might have seen a little bit of my smashing-metal-into-metal work yesterday.

I was sitting there, last Friday night, prior to leaving for a day trip on Saturday, going through my collection of little metal bits and my alphabets and just completely flummoxed as to how to make something for Steph at Hand Gallop for that little contest she won.  Two ponies.  Both with short names.  And it might not be the actual case, but I feel like the chestnut gelding is the favorite.

After having fucked up one tag (how important is the letter e and kerning, anyways?!), I had this weird little epiphany.

Have I seen this before?  Probably.  Almost certainly.  But did I ever think about changing my methodology and trying something new?  Nope, nope, nope.

My husband can attest that after having successfully made Steph's "Hand Gallop" tag, I was.. stricken.  It was all I could do to think of more things to hammer, trying to piece things together from my dwindling supply of metal (I fuck up a lot.. there's no cmd Z with metal and it is not forgiving).  He went off to bed and I stayed up, hammer tapping.  The next morning, sitting in the car with my supply box at my feet, piecing more things together.

So a couple other of my blogging buddies were the recipients of my attempts.  I might sell this stuff in the future, I might continue to randomly gift it for upcoming birthdays, shitty months, contests, etc.  You know, if I have your address.
(Ps.  I stole y'alls photos.  And passively invited everyone to go to your feeds.)

(P.P.S.  I fucking hate love y'all because I just dropped $50 at thriftbooks on various horse books, because the title recommendations made me antsy and eager to read.  They still didn't have any Georgie, but I found a bunch of other stuff that cross referencing on Amazon makes me feel okay about.)

(P. P. P. S.  I intimidated my husband last night in a demonstration.  He grabbed my wrist and I almost brought him to his knees. Muhahahaha)

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  1. You tell your husband, and I absolutely love your metal work you need an etsy shop and I can show you a great site to teach you about manual kerning if you want (I am a master at it)

  2. Daaang, those are bad ass!

  3. I showed it off to some friends while hanging around a dressage barn today; everyone was suitably impressed and wanted one. So, yes, please set up shop and SELL THE THINGS.

    And you are right, the chestnut is totally the favorite.

  4. You are one crafty mofo.

  5. You are insanely creative! LOVE these! I echo the others: please put up an Etsy shop so we can buy these tags from you! ID tags are on EVERYTHING at endurance rides, and a lot of people go for bridle charms too. I'd be more than happy to promote your business! :D

  6. These are so awesome! I saw them on Instagram and loved them - agree that you need an Etsy shop! Oh, and I also share a thriftbooks problem.

  7. I saw these come up on Instagram and they are so cute! And they must take forever. I don't think I would have the patience to make them

  8. I think they are fab-dabby-dozie & really hope you do set up an etsy store to sell them!