VCBH: Do Over.

If you could have one do-over in your horse life, what would it be?


I've beaten myself up over it mentally a hundred times.  Why'd I bail?  I didn't just fall.  I made the conscious decision to separate my ass from the saddle.  If I could do over, I would have done what I did every other time he became a little animated: glued myself to the saddle and pushed him forward.  Instead, I saw fence and bailed.

If I hadn't:  no double coccyx fracture, no painful tears, no out-of-the-saddle recovery period, no blow to my confidence over fences.  Also, Archie would have likely stayed more sound in regular work.  After this period, he had his fetlock injected and just wasn't the same over fences for about a year... which might have also had something to do with my newly-developed crooked sitting.  You know, from the broken ass.

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  1. Aw, that would have been hard to stick even if you made a conscious decision to stick it!

  2. Having been bucked into the fence and taken away in an Whaaaam-bo-lance i totally understand the fence in your vision helping you to make decision to bail or to stick. I saw the fence got scared and I "stuck" (as best i could) and ended up broken (Still!) and you chose to bail and ended up broken. Sometimes broken is just in the cards.

  3. Fences have that effect on me too.

  4. Yowzers lady. I can only second SheMoved and L - they nailed it.