Bold Bobarch.

Total shoutout to Carly and her gaming OTTB.

Rode last night before the sky split open.  The goal was forward with quicker transitions.  Pony is lazy and spurs make him angry, which I completely understand.  At some point, the neighbors decided that it was a swell time to start shooting things, so in the midst of trying to get Archie to move forward, the pissed off pony also started scooting every time a shot rang out.  I realized pretty quickly that it was a bunch of nonsense, as he's heard those guns a ton of times.  So I made it a non-issue and he agreed.

The barn is doing a kids' camp right now and has a bunch of random stuff set up:  a tarp, a "gate", a "bridge", some barrels, a stop box (I think?), and poles.

We played.

He walked over the tarp no problem, which I actually think would make a swell fake liverpool.

We practiced walking into the little box they had set up, tripping over all the raised pools, and slowly bursting out at a fast walk, then a slow trot, until we could trot a few strides and pick up the canter.  Bursting is not our specialty.

And we did some spins around the barrels at the walk, using my seat bones and legs, and no reins.

But the masterpiece?

Those loud bangs in the background are actually gunshots.  Yes.  And notice the little half-assed front change?!  And the swishy pissed off tail?  God, I love this horse.

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  1. Holy shit, I love this so much. Get yourself to a gaming show. Now.

  2. Looks like fun! Starting to think that Sydney should have been a western horse, she did some impressive sliding stops and cutting maneuvers when I free lunged her this morning.

  3. Wow. Those are quite the gun shots. I was expecting some distant shots, but that does not sound so distant. haha