Cram It All In.

This schedule that I'm finagling now has me abandoning my pony for three days straight.  Needless to say, I don't like this.  I'm gonna make some changes, so I'm only abandoning him for two days.  It heightens my anxiety to think of him sitting in a pasture, even though I trust my BM to call me (see: The C Word) if he starts acting wanky.

Anyways, Tuesday my ass went home and spent ninety minutes mowing every bit of grass we've got.  We'd let it go too long and it was like taming a freaking jungle.

Wednesday, I hauled ass to the Humane Society and photographed three litters of kittens and a solitary dog.  Walking to the desk to get my list, a young woman stopped me to ask if I were the photog.  I said yes and she told me that I was doing a great job and to keep it up.  Given the work bullshit that's taken over my mind, I needed that.  So badly.

This says, to me, less "Adopt me, I'm adorable!" and more, "Adopt me, I'm hopeful!"
Then it was off to Krav Maga.  We worked on more holds and, of course, more punching/kicking/and kneeing.  I've accidentally hit every single person that I've spared with and Wednesday was no exception.  Whoops.

I accidentally kneed my trainer in his femur.
Because I'd freed up some time on Thursday, I was able to attend a Zumba class.  Now, I think 90% of Zumba classes are for shit and that it depends solely on the creativity and ability of the trainer.  This trainer has mad skills and feels more like a dancer.  I loves her.

This is all to say that I haven't any pony updates.  But here are some photos I took a few weeks ago of the Kid and some I got of the girls last night, while we grilled.  Blogger ate some of the quality, but I'm okay with that.
I call this, "Love Me, Dammit."
Not my best silhouette. 
I love this one.  I don't know why.

I added light leak to this and I don't love it.
But I love this.  This is my spry old lady.
Eleven years old and she will still jump up on a bench and a column, then gracelessly allow me to pick her up and put her back down.

Someone didn't want to lay for the treat.

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  1. That last photo is heart melting.

  2. I too had to mow a lot...looks so great after though doesnt it!

  3. What a lovely compliment from woman @HS - I too ♥ your photos...all photos of yours, agree with above poster - heart melting here too!

  4. You are a great photographer.

  5. You really do take stunning pictures.

  6. I love those open-mouthed pony shots too. I imagine there are smart ass words are coming out lol. ;D

  7. I've done zumba. I completely agree that it depends on the instructor. Some of them are too happy for me. Way too happy. No one is that happy about exercising.