Since I'm now able to track this shit, I can say that my last few rides have essentially felt like water aerobics.

This is when you say, but, Beka, you've been in the deep South for two decades now.  You've been in this little humid hellhole* for almost four years.  Shouldn't you be adjusted?

*Used loosely.  I actually like this place.

Does anyone ever really adjust to 85º+ and 66% humidity?  It's like a blanket, a hot, wet blanket.

It rained during a recent ride!
Fortunately, the Kid has managed pretty damn well.  He started his full dose of OneAC last month and started the beer BID this month.  I've been stockpiling beer in the garage for the last couple of months and, right now, I have enough sitting for the next two.  It's a good feeling.

Post-ride sweaty.
I purchased a fly sheet earlier this season, with lofty aspirations of the Kid adjusting to wearing it, not bleaching out, and not getting mauled by insects on the daily.  I knew that it would eventually get too warm to wear it, but that has not been an issue.  Because the horse absolutely refuses to wear the damn thing.
F this, yo.
He hasn't torn out of it or anything, but he'll stand there and stop grazing.  He'll start twitching.  I've checked for insects and there are none.  Then he'll just bolt, in whatever direction.  All fun and games until he did the bolting thing while loose.  Thankfully, he stopped cantering in the middle of the aisle to my firm "WHOA"s.  I like to think, at least.

My only thought is that the little holes pull on his hair.  I have to imagine that being covered in hair and mesh at the same time could be uncomfortable.

Our rides have been pretty damn decent, too.  This last one, I admitted to myself that I had not been asking my horse for the same level of work and contact that we had previously achieved with our last trainer.  So after warming up, working a bit, and heading towards the end of the ride, I asked him to move forward at a decent pace and with contact.  For a solid lap, I had the drama llama below me.  Then I guess it clicked and he dropped his head and brought himself up.  We held it for a lap, then reversed and cooled at the walk for another lap.  When I asked in that direction, it was an instantaneous agreement and I felt him carry himself immediately.
I sweat.  I sweat like a beast.

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  1. Strange about the fly sheet! My guys wear them for about 12 hours a day with no issues....silly boy :)

  2. I wouldn't be able to deal with the humidity. Give me 105* dry heat any day over 66% humidity. Kudos to you guys!

  3. Yesterday it was 94 degrees and 65% humidity. Freakin awful. Being a Texan, I'm really good with heat. However, also being a Texan, I'm really bad with humidity. I can't complain that much because we NEED the rain we've been getting lately but holy crapballs. The humidity is killing me. Our normal dry heat is so much easier to take.

  4. Your horse doesn't want to be in the KKK because he knows his california aunt is african american :P

  5. The humidity... it's a killer.