Viva Carlos.

Chances are, if you read my blog, you're probably also reading Hillary's and L's.  Because they are 800 times more interesting and use a lot less fucking profanity.  But, in case you missed it:

Hill and I sponsored a retired racehorse a few months ago, in the memory of L's Carlos.  I want to talk a little bit about this, because the organizations we worked with went above and beyond our expectations.

We thought about corgi rescues and we thought about what L already gave to, and Hillary finally found the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation.  In perusing the website, I saw that we could sponsor a horse, rather than just give a check to the organization at whole.  For whatever reason, attaching a furry muzzle to the situation makes it feel more personable.  Their website lists about a dozen horses who would be available for sponsorship, with photos and snippets about their histories and personalities.  But none of these horses hit home for me.

I sent an email to the organization asked if they would make an exception for our situation - they don't like to deviate from the assigned sponsor horses.  Carlos was a special horse.  We wanted to find an equally special horse to sponsor.  I didn't give too many specifics - California and Latin-bred - but asked if they could find another horse more similar to L's petite bay.

Almost immediately, I got a response saying that they felt it was possible and that the Sponsorship Coordinator would be in contact.  Having been in non-profits before, let me just say:  this is how you acquire and maintain donations.  Be quick, courteous, and always say yes.

The Coordinator was also super fast in her response and non-emotional-me got a little touched by the horse she found.

For L's Senor Prospector of Viva Carlos fame, the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation found Viva Pentelicus.  Viva is an 18 year old bay gelding who raced 96 times, a number of which occurred in California and where he was now retired.  The name struck me first, but it was when I pulled up his pedigree that I really just.. got the feels.

Can I just point out that Carlos has a mare named Blinking Owl in his pedigree?

I've never claimed to know much about pedigrees (okay - nothing), but even I was pretty goddamn impressed that they were both topline Mr. Prospector.

From there, Hillary reached out to Libby at Higher Standards Leather Care.  In tandem with our donation to the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation, she agreed to make a special soap.  In going back and forth, stalking the hell out of L's blog and photos, writing and re-writing, Libby delivered.

You can purchase this soap here.  Use the code "VIVACARLOS" to get 10% off.  The quality of this soap has been proven time and time and time and time and time and time and time again.  Many thanks again to TRF and Libby!

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  1. You guys are so freakin' cool.

  2. This is so awesome. Well done y'all!

  3. The feels. They are attacking me.

  4. Wow. Just, wow. What an incredibly thoughtful thing to do for someone. :0)

  5. what a really cool tribute! :)

  6. Oh my gosh!
    You guys are amazing - such touching tributes!

  7. I'm crying. Amazeballs = you and Hillary! Best tribute ever in Blogland.

  8. This is about the nicest thing ive ever heard. You guys are really good friends. :)

  9. I pretty much cried most of the day yesterday *hugs*

  10. This is great, and the Foundation really went above and beyond to find a match! What a good way to ensure donations!