Yeah, That.

My husband is taking an impromptu trip to a city far, far away.  This means that for 24 hours, I will essentially be on my own.

This is momentous.  (And mildly terrifying.)

Y'all that aren't living with your significant others (because they live at a stable, amirite?) might not get the full gravity of this situation.  Twenty-four full hours where my opinion is the deciding factor.  The only factor.  That, and how much money I've got in the bank.

So I might go to a tack store.

Three-ish hours away.  But I'm a fast driver.  That also means that I'm a speeding, inconsiderate driver.

This particular tack store is the one to which I compare all others.  It's huge.  Enormous.  If it's like I remember (and memory tends to inflate), it's just wall to wall of every horse-related thing imaginable, with a gearing towards hunter/jumper and even a section for horse-theme furniture.  A separate room for saddles and jumps.

The other alternative to this is another tattoo.  :)

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  1. I usually just eat pasta with chili on it and binge watch trash TV when mine travels... someones gotta do it!

  2. Whenever my husband leaves I get something I only like for dinner and binge watch trashy reality tv. Oh yeah, I'm a rebel.

    1. I'm right there with you. I eat spaghetti squash and watch TV and go to bed at 9 PM.

  3. Ahhh 24 hours! Definitely do the tack shop, and then be sure to either stop for a dessert of YOUR choice (or drink depending upon the success of your tack spree). Also, I am a binge netflix watcher when I'm alone and can choose :)

  4. I spent one sunday trying to figure out what people do on sunday when they are on their own, I decided that sleeping longer really is the best option.

  5. husband is military and away all the time...thus how I ended up with 4 horses...

  6. Tack and Tattoo day!