Crumbly Bits.

Archie threw another shoe.  I should be tracking this shit, but I haven't been.  I know the last shoe was about three months ago, because I ig'd it.  As it is, he gets shod every six weeks.  The farrier wants to move up to a five week schedule, because all the horses' feet look like crap.  Yay, crumbly feets!  Thanks, summer storms!  Hopefully, the farrier will be by and will tack the shoe on and we can resume what had been my plan for the remainder of at least July:  trot poles.  Trot poles out the ass.

Old photo.
We did this configuration a couple of weeks ago, which I hope to repeat, but harder:

The trick is to not just go down the center, but either side.
I took Friday off from the barn due to rain.  Instead, I compiled the little mementos that I'd kept from our "first" show, coupled it with some photos I'd printed out at CVS, and shoved all that shit into a shadow box.  Still not sure where I'm going to put this stuff, because I want it to be somewhere I can regularly see it.

I got the text about the shoe on Saturday morning.  Since it'd been raining, I still opted to ride because I knew the ground would be softer.  We only did about a mile and as soon as I felt him shorten, we stopped.  I know it's poor form to ride a shoeless pony, but I also know this Kid like the back of my hand.  Really need to invest in boots for him.
I don't know if this is a spider carcass or a spider molting.  Regardless, freaked me out.
And then we had pony cuddles.

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  1. Gah horse feet have to be the most frustrating things ever!

  2. Riding shoeless is not a crime. If he's not too ouchy, go for it! :0)

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