EiC: Photo Challenge

(I missed the cut off, but the post is here.)

1.  Between the ears shot.

2.  Anything blooming at your barn.
Does lightning count?

3.  A picture of your horse taken from a random/weird/artistic angle.

But my recent IG photo is pretty damn good, too:

 4.  The most attractive horse at your barn, other than yours.
The Saddlebred on the right is pretty damn smarmy.
5.  Bath time photo.

6.  A sweet picture of you and your horse.

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  1. I totally went 'ooooo' for the Palomino and then read you were referring to the SB. Whoops!

    1. haha snap - me too. Both have plenty chrome in any case, but lets be honest none of them hold a candle to the smexy pair of ears in first photo :)

    2. Okay, the palomino certainly has the "adorable" factor! But there's just something about that high-strung and spooky Saddlebred. He's got presence. Presence that wants to run away, squealing, but presence nonetheless.

  2. =) Thank you so much for doing the challenge! Great photos - especially the nose one. And bonus points for featuring a saddlebred (I grew up riding them, my first horse was one, and I love them).