Hot, Hot Heat.

Oh, another Monday.  Man.  I hate Mondays.

So, a brief recap:  rode the pony on Friday after the farrier had reset his shoe, again.  Farrier came on Tuesday to do the feeters and when I rode after work that day, I felt some slippiness.  When I dismounted and checked, that stupid right front was actually moving.  No problem Friday!

I've set a row of trot poles up in the grass, out of the way.  I've also discovered that the dude is a freaking champ the first few times through it, but towards the end he starts getting lazy and no amount of pushing for impulsion is going to get him to lift those hind feet.  Building muscles is hard.

After doing a million things on Saturday (maybe not), I got out to the barn a little late.  A friend wanted to meet us for dinner, but I still couldn't find myself hustling that much.  After being a fucking champion over a cross rail, I took him on a little trail ride to the river.  Not to jinx myself, but he was all there mentally.  It's been a while since we've had to have the "forward" conversation on the trail and I think the confidence-building has had a snowball affect.

What you can't see, but I wish I could have captured better:  fiddler crabs.  A ton of fiddler crabs, scurrying into their little burrows.
Out with friend.  Helmet hair and post-ride stinky.  
Sunday had a heat advisory, so after going to the movies, photographing kiddos, and swimming laps, I just went out and gave him a little bath and slathered his body in coconut oil.
The HS had a spa day.

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  1. I agree - it's way too effing hot and I really hate Mondays. But I love your tats.

  2. Question: What are you using the coconut oil for? I had a friend tell me her mom uses it any time her horse has a scrape or cut or rub, etc. and that it's worked really well. (I use coconut oil on myself, but I've never put it on one of the horses.)

  3. Are fiddler crabs scary? So does he knock the poles around with his hinds?

  4. Still loving that elephant shirt *grabbyhands*
    Hope the heat let's up & ya ' l can have more enjoyable spins

  5. I still refuse to complain about the heat after suffering through multiple days of subzero temperatures this winter!

  6. I love your shirt! And I will take winter cold over summertime heat anyway. And I live in Polar Vortex land.

  7. You look super cute even though you were fresh from the barn!

  8. I don't think it has gotten over 75 here all July. Very weird weather we are having!

  9. I am also curious about the coconut oil!