Contain Yourself.

I got to ride my pony yesterday.

We're experiencing this wonderful little heat wave right now, so it was hot as balls by the time I got to the barn.  I swung by C's apartment (the chick who I picked up at the grocery store) (who rides at this barn) (and who realized the $500 price tag she quoted me was the trainer's special) and dragged her with me to endure the heat.  She's planning on buying a horse and can't budget the $1k price tag for her current barn.  She'll be temporarily moving the mare to my barn until another place opens up.  This was all with my barn being sight-unseen.  Really sort of scary that someone would trust me that much.

I introduced her to the BM and BO, verified that the farrier had indeed come, and skipped to the Archer's pasture.  Pulled him while pointing things out to C.

He was blowing pretty hard, so I hosed him and stuck him in the cross ties under a fan before tacking him up.  Literally rode for ten minutes before calling it quits.  A little walk, trot, and a couple strides of canter.

Sort of a big difference.
Says "16:30" because I forgot to turn it off immediately.
He was completely sound if a little stiff.  That's okay.  We can fix stiff.  Also, really, really hot.  Hosed him again, set him back in front of his fan, fed him and then C and I headed back to our neighborhood.  In an effort for full disclosure before she moved her horse here, I informed her of all the concerns I had (nothing is 100%) and the concerns that both the Eventer and OR had expressed to me.

I'm excited to have someone to ride with again, even if it's only a month.  I'm not one of those touchy-feely types, but I have really missed having the Eventer and OR around.  We all still text, but it certainly isn't like it was.  Planning a reunion!  (I also want C to meet them, because I think they'd hit it off.)

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  1. Glad you have a sound pony again!

  2. Anytime you get a friend to ride with I'm jealous because I want to ride with you >:[

  3. friends to ride with are the best! and ten degree jumps in temps are the worst... i guess ya win some and lose some.

  4. Yay for a riding buddy! They make life so much more fun.

  5. Riding buddies are awesome! :)

    P.S. What app do you use to track your rides?