EAH: Equestrian Wardrobe

So, does L or H get to name the dinosaur?
From Hill:  I want to know about what you ride in and why?  Show us your Equestrian Fashion choices and tell us why you wear them!

Soooo.  Before I was brainwashed by bloggerdom, I was perfectly content in a pair of jeans, half chaps and my dying paddock boots.

Circa 2012:

Tipperary helmet.
Beatles t-shirt from Walmart.
A yellow belt I made myself.
Prolly Old Navy or Gap jeans (99% chance thrifted).
Half chaps I bought in college.
Dying Saxon paddock boots.
I held strong, though.  Early 2013:
Another Walmart t-shirt.
The rest the same.

And then something happened.


These spandex pants adhered themselves to my legs and tall boots magically appeared on my feet.

My wardrobe continues on a pretty defined path:  Tipperary helmet, old race t-shirt or cheap t-shirt or tank top (untucked!), breeches (normally Tuffrider), Target socks, Saxon equi-leather tall boots.  The last pair of Saxon boots I had held up for several years.  This pair sucks.

My breeches self, composed of those that I don't wear often.  In fact, the rose and green Tuffriders still have the tags.
And the breeches I wear a lot, hanging out to dry.
Side note:  tell me how fucking awesome that chair rail is, because I did that shit all by myself!
And since the only shows that I've done have been schooling shows, I top the nicest breeches I own with a polo and call it done:

Tipperary helmet.
A generic black polo over a 3/4 length black shirt, because I was concerned about the half-sleeve.
Mango Bay 3-day belt.
Breeches that made me look preggo.
A men's athletic polo, purchased at Ross.
Mango Bay belt.
Side-zip Ariat pro-circuit breeches (thrifted).
Dying Saxons.

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  1. Love the color of those rose breeches!!!!

  2. Love the last pic :) glad you hopped!

  3. Hill gets to name the Dinosaur, :) Also love the pick of Archie smiling! Get moar brainwashed, one of us, one of us!

  4. Love the colour of your shirt in the last photo. Moar matchy-matchy! !!!

  5. "before i was brainwashed by bloggerdom" hahahahaha! I love seeing all the Mango Bay everyone has.

  6. I love the last pic, that's a great color, too.

  7. Do tell about the transition from jeans to breeches! How did the brainwashing happen? Overnight or slowly? Did you even know it was happening? :)