And... We're Back.

To crossrails, that is.

Temporary new barn mate (OMFG.. let's call her C) (this is the chick I picked up at the grocery store) (I need a flow chart for my nicknamed friends) and I made rough plans to be at the barn at about the same time last night.  I went at my normal time and immediately cursed any feels I had of the lonesomes.  Because there were people and horses everywhere.

The owner of the saddlebred and the palomino had her barefoot trimmer there.  Chick drives down from Atlanta every five weeks to trim those eight hoofers.

BM was giving a lesson while her kid was tacking up another horse.  The mares were having a shitfit because one mare was being ridden and, OMG, geldings.

Okay, so maybe not a lot of a excitement.  Just a lot more than I'm used to.

There's a horse in the lane to Archie's pasture, so BM's kid held that horse while I pulled him through.  Later, the SB/palo owner had a helper and just herded the lane horse away, snapping lead ropes at it.  I'm having a hard time deciding if this was acceptable.  Would I punch the throat of someone snapping lead ropes at Archie?  Absolutely.  Did this pony need better manners?  Maybe.  Was it their place to teach those manners?  No.

I hosed Archie off to cool him out some and parked him in front of a fan while I set up our baby crossrail.  Our warm-up and work was uneventful, so I popped him over the crossrail a couple times in both directions at the trot.  I figured that was good enough for our first jump in like... two months.  And back to the trails to cool out!

Same river, different angle.
C made it there right as I was untacking.  :)

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  1. I feel like thats how I get too, I get all "oh riding with people would be fun" and then i get a shit ton of people ad I'm like "omg why can't everyone just shut up"

  2. I'm ok with the BO disciplining my horse. Other boarders no, but I feel like that is just a really bad situation to be stuck in to for both the boarder and the loose horse.

  3. I always think I want other people to ride with, then a bunch of people show up and I'm like "oh yeah... GTFO." Loneliness is lovely.

  4. yay for cross rails and trails !!! it definitely sounds like there was a lot going on at the barn - tho i kinda love that atmosphere.

  5. Searching for the perfect comment about picking up women at grocery stores, but exhausted on a Friday night after spending most of the week building website for work (I'm a biologist forcodssake!)...let's just pretend I thought of an awesome one!

  6. I'm with eventer79, just finished moving 200 80lbs bales of hay, no wit from me. Loving that you can ride to a river every day!