Chevron. For Ever.

So, yeah.  I think I might have an iron somewhere, but fuck if I know how to use it.

Too much, too much!

I love this.

(Meanwhile, Archie thinks to himself, What is this shit?  Aren't I retired?*)
He's not.

And then Amanda gave me the brilliant idea to make some pillow wraps.  So that's next.  Because I think I can convince the little machine that could that life is worth living for a few more days.  Maybe.  

But before any of that madness happens.... the hubs and I are going to Vegas.  :)  Prepare yourself for some pre-written queries and photos and shit. 

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  1. Oh I love the chevron half pad with the black square pad! Have a great time in Vegas.

  2. Woot, pillow wraps!!!

  3. Vegas, that's only a 1 hour plane ride away!

  4. Have fun in Vegas! Love the chevron!

  5. woo hoo vegas!! have fun! that chevron looks great too - nice job :)

  6. The chevron looks great! Enjoy Vegas, I was just there and went to WC Equestrian (it was awesome if you are looking to spend some moolah!)

  7. Oooo ooo, love the accent of the half pad!! You crafty thing!