Enlightened Equitation

The other day, last week, some point this month: I didn't have a book to read during lunch. As should be no surprise, I am a voracious reader and leave lunchtime socialization to those better equipped. So, yeah, no book is a big deal.

I always carry a book, though. Generally something horsie that I know I'll eventually peruse. This time, it was Enlightened Equitation by Heather Moffett.

I didn't get very far before it became immediately apparent that I don't have a very good feel for Archie's leg falls or movements. From reading about her butt, lower back, magical self absorbing the movements, I started to wonder if I sat like a sack of bricks. I mean, we've all heard about the potato rider. What if I'm the cement truck driving my ass into his spine?

So, Friday. I hopped on the Kid bareback and walked to the river. The whole point was to feel him move and to move with him.

Don't be jealous of my uber exclusive bareback pad.
(It's a towel.)
By the end of our little twenty-minute walk, he had more swing in his stride and more impulsion. I was sweating profusely, trying to remember to loosen my locked muscles and to do the hooker walk with my hips.

Happy pony is happy.

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  1. Great idea. Sometimes it's nice to really break things down and I'm sure the pony enjoyed his walk-date.

  2. Shoulders like a Queen, Hips like a Whore is my mantra to remember to go with the movement.

  3. I love riding bareback even though I am not very good at it. I am always jealous of those that can do more than plod around.