Photo Friday.

The HS got another photographer.  In the weird way that I am super-possessive of all things that make me happy (Archie, the husband, my free time), I've taken it just the slightest bit personally.  I keep telling myself that it's for the benefit of the animals.  Make them the most appealing, get them homes, lower the euthanasia rate.  It's all about them and it can't be about me.  And I, by myself, just can't capture them all.  This is personal growth, right?  Accepting help?

Evidently, this guy drank something toxic when he was a wee pup and that's why he's now cross-eyed.  Who knows.

I love overexposure.
I accept that.
I took this one yesterday in my back yard.  I probably cannot, for the life of me, repeat that lens flare.
Ps.  Yes, I have resting bitch face.
Pps.  Yes, I need models.

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  1. T has the male version of resting bitch face. Also I love that cross eyed dog and if you were in california (or I there) I would have you photograph me or Ramone in a heartbeat.

  2. I too have resting bitch face and do not like others to step on things I enjoy doing. We should be friends.

  3. nice photos! and resting bitch face.... yes i've accepted is as a way of life lol

  4. I want the cross eyed dog... / all the animals you photograph. Come to lou and photograph the son and the belly??? :)

    Understand your feelings.

  5. Another photogtrapher in addition, or instead? The former I hope. Your critter pictures are great.

    Thanks for clueing me in about rbf... apparently I have it, but didn't know it was called something official. ;D

    I want the pit bull...

  6. I love your pics! I bet adoptions are way up with your fantastic photos.

  7. oooo the kitty! Love all your photos!

  8. I love your shirt in that last photo!
    Plus you know I love all your photos - wish you were here to photograph the fat hairies & ride with me all the time

  9. You are the best at dog and cat photos! I really love them. I totally get the feeling slighted by them adding another photag, i would too even if its for a good cause. You cant help but take it a wee bit personal. We're sensitive bitches!

  10. Totally understand your feelings. I have a habit of signing up as free labor for all of my friends in the way of logo design, graphic design, photographer, etc, because I can't handle the thought of someone else doing then. And then I wonder why I feel overtasked. Sigh.

    I also have resting bitch face. Hate, hate, hate being told to smile when I'm doing menial things like grocery shopping. Dude, I'm not unhappy, but I'm not about to be giggling picking out cauliflower either!